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    After a bit of poking around the Starbound community, I find that a lot of people would enjoy the ability to play Casual mode, but with the hunger system added in. A lot of other people would also enjoy having the old temperature system back. I, for one, would love to see some diversity in how many different game modes that could be added to the game. However, just adding a ton of different modes would be rather impractical. Instead, it might be easier to just have a list of check boxes you can select when creating a new character. Then, for example, if you wanted to only lose 5% of your pixels upon death, but you have to worry about hunger, temperature, and being hunted down by tough (but not immortal) eldritch horrors across the galaxy(as an example), you just have to select those text boxes and its done.

    Here's a list of possible check boxes you could implement when starting a new game:
    -A bar that determines what percentage of pixels you lose upon death that can range from 0% to 100%

    -Allowing Hunger

    -Allowing Temperature (If you still have that old code still lying around, you just need to add a few tweaks and give armor a form of "insulation rating" that determines how effective it is against temperatures. You might also want to add a few craftable suits or augments dedicated to such purposes.)

    -Allowing Perma-Death

    -Allowing heightened random generation (I've noticed you somewhat replaced random generation of creatures and weapons with pre-set ones to make them feel more in tune with their environment. There used to be an old system that threw random parts on creatures and gave weapons random stats, which I think would be lovely to have among your unique masterpieces if this mode is selected.)

    -Allowing wait times on crafting(Crafting on your ship shouldn't have a wait time regardless of if this mode is selected or not, although it can have a "Are you sure you want to do this" option?)

    -A bar that determines item loss intensity, from losing nothing to only a few items in a specific category to everything your not wearing and holding.

    -Allowing Hostile Planetary Occupation (Basically a fun little mode that will cause hostile forces(bandits, cultists, elderitch horrors, etc) to every now and again(around two hours in real time), come to the planet your currently on and spawn in until the player destroys the spawner. The player would be notified if the planet would get invaded ahead of time, as well as being notified if there is a spawner on the planet. If the player leaves before they arrive, the spawner won't be placed on the planet. However, once a spawner is placed on the planet, it will stay there until something destroys it, including the local wildlife, weather, and populace. The hostile forces will actively seek out the player when they are planetside and attempt to kill them, as well as anything else that attacks them. Destroying the spawner drops legendary loot. I think this would be an excellent game addition because it not only places a more concentrated threat against the player, but also makes the defense of settlements more mandatory, since players would spend a good deal of time on these planets and increase the chance that planet would get invaded. Just make sure the enemies chasing the player have a unique trait about each one, like elderitch foes phasing through the ground, bandits using explosives to destroy the environment, and cultists creating dangerous weather patterns and corrupted wildlife to kill you. Be creative, but not Terraria!)

    -Allowing separate inventory spaces for weapons, armor, and healing items.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion. I know it is a lot to consider, but the game has a massive amount of potential still in it and most of the community would love to see these aspects integrated into it. Please keep these in mind as you keep up the great work!
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    I like the idea of a concentrated threat especially. That's something that has only been touched on so far by the Erchius Ghosts on the moons. It would be really rad to have more of a swarm system added that's similar to that. Perhaps the zombie-like threat is focused on you until you can disable its source, or perhaps nights on higher level planets could be just extra dangerous in the way of some swarming species that hunt at night.
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    More variations on difficulty definitely should be a thing. Or dare I say "Custom" difficulty with checkboxes and/or sliders. Let you choose the various aspects you're going to play with. It isn't hard to mod yourself if you know how to do that, and there are a few mods out that perhaps do what you want in a limited way. But this should be vanilla.

    Yes temperature needs to return in a big way. Should never have been removed, but probably shouldn't be part of casual etc.

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