Revivable fossils and cloning system

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    I already posted this as a comment on a thread not realizing there was a section on here for suggestions and thought i'd show you these ideas i had concerning reviving ancient creatures and cloning (which im really excited for lol):

    -You could craft a Creature revival station - at this station you could:
    1. revive mounts that act like vehicles, but are animated and can attack in their own way, the mounts would be T-rex, which would have a powerful bite and charge and move at a decent speed on land but slow in water, The ixodoom would have a moderate speed all around and same for attack power but could climb walls and the ophidant, would be really slow on land but fast on water and able to dive and have a powerful slashing attack, these mounts could come in a ball like the vehicles, but this ball would be a variation of the creature capture pods.
    2. revive pets that you cant ride like sabretooth cats and cave-penguins :p, the egg and amber, could each become one of three or more possible creatures following the same pattern as the large creatures; 1 being an ancient earth creature like a raptor and the rest alien.
    3. revive ancient npcs from the humanoid fossils to get special colony deeds from the characters like cave-men, avioscales, ancient florans etc
    4. this machine would accept fossils of the same type for each thing you want to clone multiple times to fill up a dna bar when the process is complete the creature or npc will grow in a tube.

    -another thing you could also make is an automatic cloning machine, this machine would clone creatures from capture pods inserted into it, attaching a timer would make it so it would periodically spawn these creatures, the purpose of this would be to spawn multiple creatures in hordes for self made survival arenas or traps similar to how in terraria you can use the monster statues to spawn mobs to kill, could also be used to produce multiple versions of a type of livestock like fluffalos you've raised, the process would obviously take up resources such as bio matter created from things that you've farmed, giving yet another purpose to farming :D You could also use this to spawn the large monsters like t-rex for a bigger challenge, cloning ancient creatures this way especially the big ones would obviously use up a ton of bio matter, the other benefit of having to use the bio matter is it will stop people in multiplayer from just turning the machine on spawning monsters non stop.
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