WIP Rewriting and Expanding ALL Dialogue!

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Would you like for me to pop this mod out in early July?

  1. Yes, please continue working on it!

  2. I'm not very interested.

  1. LiteraryMouse

    LiteraryMouse Title Not Found

    Good to hear. As said I am really excited about this, it's the perfect chance to get back into the game with a fresh spin :)
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    • LiteraryMouse

      LiteraryMouse Title Not Found

      Any word on progress? Not trying to rush you or anything just curious if you have any estimation for a release since it's been quiet for a bit.
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      • low-spirited

        low-spirited Title Not Found

        Understandable! :'0 My disappearance was mostly due to college-related things and senior year, haha. Learning how to drive, getting a job, the like; SECONDLY, I want to put out one BIG update with a lot of dialogue that people can go ahead and test out, rather than several small ones. Reason for that, is, I don't want people who're waiting to try the mod out / catch bugs for me to constantly ask "when is x going to be done and what about y?" It eliminates a lot of things for me to sift through, in the long run.

        Currently, the only things I REALLY have left to do are some marriage dialogues, some parts of the minor characters, misc. dialogues (rainy days, some events,) and I have one bachelor / bachelorette left to type! I'd much rather get it ALL done in one swing than several smaller ones, again.
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        • ophibii

          ophibii Void-Bound Voyager

          please dont worry about needing to rush or anything! its like a delay on a game release. it just means the content you put out will be even better when its ready to go up <3
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          • Adaptation01

            Adaptation01 Space Hobo

            Not all heroes wear capes, This sounds like the mod SDV needs, can't wait for it to be done!
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            • low-spirited

              low-spirited Title Not Found

              I'm not in any HUGE rush to put it out, so long as I'm getting piece-by-piece done each day, even if it's only ten or twenty lines, sometimes! >: 0 BUT, that doesn't stop me from working as hard as I can on it, when I can! Thanks for sticking along! <3
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              • low-spirited

                low-spirited Title Not Found

                :) Haha, I guess you're right there! I dunno about the whole 'hero' bit - that's really flattering! Nonetheless, none-the-less; I hope you'll enjoy it, once I release it for beta testing! <3
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                • LumpySpace

                  LumpySpace Subatomic Cosmonaut

                  ohhhhh! this mod sounds amazing!
                  I can't wait for you to be finished (I mean, no rush. But now you have me all excited! ^^)
                  • jeeyrp

                    jeeyrp Void-Bound Voyager

                    I would love to see this mod as soon as possible!! :catsparkle::catblush:
                    you're awesome!! , I love it so much!~ :avalilol:
                    good luck:cathug:
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                    • ItsMoira

                      ItsMoira Master Chief

                      This looks super cool! I was reading over the screenshots you posted, and I love the extra personality you've given the characters. I just have a couple notes for you, though.
                      (1) Elliott makes some grammatical errors when he's talking (using the wrong tense, etc), which doesn't really make sense for his character, since he's a writer.
                      (2) Having Elliott say "Challenges are... challenging!" is a bit funny, but it also doesn't make sense for his character. He's always using overly flowery language, so he'd definitely have a different word to say there. And because he's very concerned with his public image, he'd never say something like that that could make him sound silly
                      (3) "If it isn't you" and "mayhaps" both sound pretty awkward, and I can't really picture anyone saying them, especially not someone as eloquent as Elliott
                      (1) I noticed that you used both "um" and "er", which feels a bit weird. "Er" and "erm" are the British forms of the American "uh" and "um" (just say them with a British accent and it'll make sense). Since most of the spellings and conventions in the game are American, I'd stay away from "er" and "erm", because they sound pretty weird in an American accent.
                      (2) "Talking exists" and "it's a wonder meeting you", again, seem like pretty weird things to say. I get that you're trying to make him seem awkward, but there has to be some balance between being shy and saying things that no human would actually say. He's a smart guy, he's not going to need to remind himself out loud that talking exists. And I have never heard someone say "It's a wonder..." anything.

                      Sorry to be nitpicky (I've got editing experience IRL so it comes with the territory), but I think this is a cool project, and constructive criticism is more useful than me just oohing and ahhing and saying it looks awesome. At least in my opinion. Don't feel the need to take any of this too seriously, it's just things that stood out to me as odd or out of character.
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                      • low-spirited

                        low-spirited Title Not Found

                        Hello! :- ( Sorry for the late reply - school's eating up my time, and it's eating it up FAST! I'll happily respond to your addressed problems, though! :- ) It's good to see somebody with experience in this field, believe me, haha. I'm only 17, and I desperately want to be a video game designer (THAT'LL EVER HAPPEN,) so I'll eat up all the advice or pointers I can get.

                        (1) OH, don't worry, I agree completely. I addressed the grammatical issues in Elliott's dialogue earlier in the post / thread, or, at least, most of them! I was especially vocal about the one regarding him using the wrong form of the word "illusive." Besides that point, though: Elliott was the first character I wrote (basically a SUPER skeleton of what I wanted the mod to be,) so he's REALLY shaky and most of his dialogue is entirely rewritten, as a result. If the poll wasn't evident enough, this post needs an update - and, it needs it SOON, haha. :'0 So, most of what you see there is going to be either ENTIRELY changed or fixed. Thanks for pointing it out, regardless, though! <3 I appreciate the help.

                        (2) I can see where you're coming from with this pick-out!... At the same time, though, I feel like he's concerned with his public image, but, that doesn't instantly mean he's particularly good at keeping it; most of the mod is relying on 60~ (some may have a little more or less) lines of in-game dialogue (the minor characters have about half as much. (Ex: if memory serves me well, Willy had a solid 10-ish lines in total), and, it's HORRIFYINGLY difficult to interpret them,) and that doesn't include little one-liners that have no significance. I don't have much meat on the bone to work with, so SOMETIMES I have to assume this, add that, remove this, to make something ELSE make sense (if that makes sense, haha!) I'm beating around the bush a little bit - I'm trying to say that portions of it is up to interpretation, and, I feel like this aspect is (explained further in Harvey's section). So, with this one, I don't DISAGREE with you, nor do I AGREE - I feel it is up more to interpretation than it is an error, in my opinion!

                        (3) This sorta ties in with the first answer I gave for Elliott; it's already dealt with. :- ) Again, this hasn't been updated since the beginning of... June, I believe? So, I don't blame you for pointing this out either, haha. A BIG part of why the bug testing isn't out yet is BECAUSE I'm trying to work around everybody's problems with the mod - or - I'm trying to rewrite some characters to perfect them in a new way.

                        (1) WOW. Actually, I didn't know there were different types of stutters depending on a character's dialect! When you mentioned to try and sound it out myself, it did make a little, weird click in my head... It's probably that extra emphasis on the "r." I'll ctrl + f all those "er" and "erms" and replace them with "uh" and "um!" THAT I can agree with. :- ) It's a little bit nit-picky, yeah, but it makes the difference.

                        (2) I'll consider the removal of the first line you've brought up, and, I'm DEFINITELY removing the second line you're talking about. Let me explain this a little bit, if you'd like a little backstory; HARVEY was an absolute pain in my ___ , pft. That's partially why I did him second, directly after Elliott; he is practically infamous for having horrible, doctor-y dialogue, so I threw some zingers into his personality (you'll find out, if you ever wanna give it a spin, that is) to make him at least TOLERABLE; Harvey still maintains the deep roots of his personality, such as the intelligence you're speaking of, the awkwardness (it's more defined,) etc, but with a few additions that I PERSONALLY thought would be fitting (more comedic, a little bit geeky but not EXTREMELY prominent...) While it's true that my mod maintains the character personalities, it also ADDS some traits that may explain another one, make a character pop out more, and so on, if that makes sense.

                        This is, again, due to the shallow dialogue I'm stuck with. So, like, I don't want you to think x or y doesn't fit when it does fit, in the long run, with what I'm portraying a character as; don't get me wrong! I agree with what you said; trust me, the change of personality doesn't justify a bad line; but at the same time, I don't want to be misunderstood, either. <3

                        SORRY FOR THE WHIRLWIND THAT MAY OR MAY NOT be of use to you. :- ( I hope I cleared some things up, and, I hope you maintain interest in the mod, despite my exhausted butt getting kicked all around while I work on it, aha... Such a gem, you are, for typing out a big, constructive comment! I appreciate it, really, I do.
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                        • low-spirited

                          low-spirited Title Not Found

                          Oooh, it's a big WIP. :'- ) I'm constantly fixing things or moving them around, so every step that I take forward MAY AS WELL be a step back. Thank you for the kind comment, though. <3 I appreciate the enthusiasm!
                          • low-spirited

                            low-spirited Title Not Found

                            Thank you! :'-0 Sorry it's taking a millennium to finish! <3 I hope you'll stick around for bug testing.
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                            • jeeyrp

                              jeeyrp Void-Bound Voyager

                              I will :nurukappa:
                              • GreenWombat

                                GreenWombat Cosmic Narwhal

                                *glances in hopefully* :p
                                • LiteraryMouse

                                  LiteraryMouse Title Not Found

                                  Any word on progress?
                                  • ektobiologist

                                    ektobiologist Void-Bound Voyager


                                    just wanted to add my voice to the masses eagerly awaiting this mod! i absolutely love what you've provided with harvey (and i'm more than willing to stalk him for bug testing in future if need be!), and i'm excited to see what his marriage dialogue will look like!

                                    also, since you were talking about working with events being difficult - i'm sure you already know about it, but just on the off chance you don't, maybe spacechase's event editor could be of use to you?
                                    • 1439511108

                                      1439511108 Void-Bound Voyager


                                      Hope to update Chinese
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                                      • Iris Blanche

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                                        Please note that all posts have to be in english or at lear provide an english translation. I added one for you this time.

                                        Iris Blanche
                                        • low-spirited

                                          low-spirited Title Not Found

                                          Wowie, I hadn't known such a thing existed! :'0 I'll certainly look into this - thanks for the help, in regards to that!

                                          And - I'm glad that you enjoy Harvey so far! He was honestly one of the more difficult ones to work on... Currently, I'm looking into working on the marriage dialogue, more than anything. His every day dialogue is complete, buuuut, of course I'll be changing things in and out... I'll be sure to update you once I get some more stuff in! <3 Thanks for sticking around and tolerating my slow progress, haha!
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