WIP Rewriting and Expanding ALL Dialogue!

Discussion in 'Characters' started by low-spirited, May 31, 2017.


Would you like for me to pop this mod out in early July?

  1. Yes, please continue working on it!

  2. I'm not very interested.

  1. BabieBunnie2015

    BabieBunnie2015 Tentacle Wrangler

    I really think this is a wonderful idea and would love to see a finished product :)
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    • LiteraryMouse

      LiteraryMouse Title Not Found

      @low-spirited Wherever you are I just wanted to wish you a happy thanksgiving and just say that I am thankful for all the work you've been putting into this wonderful mod :)
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      • low-spirited

        low-spirited Title Not Found

        Thank you!! :') AND, I'm happy you're stickin' around for my slow-as-heck progress...! Life's kicking my face in, pft.
        • LiteraryMouse

          LiteraryMouse Title Not Found

          It's always worth waiting for quality :)

          Best of luck with life and I'll definitely be here when you finish.
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          • Luckstergal

            Luckstergal Void-Bound Voyager

            Well this mod certainly has my attention!

            I'll wait on baited breath for the downloads to become public--particularly for Elliott.

            If they ARE public for what's finished, I'm just simply blind~
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            • endermaryn

              endermaryn Scruffy Nerf-Herder

              Harvey is my favorite character. The hot air balloon ride was especially charming. It's not just any person that can overcome their phobias enough to do something regarding that phobia for someone else. That shows remarkable strength. It'd be nice to see more of that bravery or strength. I'm very interested In playing the game through with your mod and seeing how the mod affects or changes Harvy's character. And indeed all the other characters for that matter.

              A suggestion: I'm currently playing World's Dawn which is a great game so far. In it, the characters remark upon the player's health. Sick, low energy. It's nice and adds some realism to the dialogue. I don't remember the Sdv character doing that. But then, it has been months since I've played the game. If they currently don't, then that would be a great addition.
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              • Razor47

                Razor47 Void-Bound Voyager

                Hi, hi, hi. It's me again :) Do I am hearing that you are now are working on the after marriage dialogues, am I right? If you make this after marriage dialogues for all the characters especially for Penny, then I will immediately download it. Oh my god, I am Soo excited. :)
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                • Tapir Tamer

                  Tapir Tamer Space Hobo

                  I literally made an account just so I can keep up with the progress of this mod. Most of the characters I gravitated towards barely got any dialogue [Vincent, Jas, Clint, The Wizard], which makes me wonder why I like them when they barely have any personality. Vince and Jas were REALLY disappointing - I tend to connect with child characters, but what little dialogue they have feels so empty... To hear that all the characters will get a much-needed update is really exciting! I've never used mods before, but if you need a beta tester or anything, just let me know!
                  • chompraccoon

                    chompraccoon Void-Bound Voyager

                    IM super excited for the harvey mod,even if it will take some time... I find Harveys characer to be so charming and IM disappointed with his lack of, "development" per se... I go on this forum every few months just to check up this progress! Still super excited to see it. :)
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                    • LiteraryMouse

                      LiteraryMouse Title Not Found

                      @LiterayMouse Any word on this mods progress? It's been quiet for a bit.
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                      • low-spirited

                        low-spirited Title Not Found

                        I think you'll be VERY satisfied with what I've got so far! :) I plan on bringing a big update around March - April (maybe an Easter gift? I BELIEVE Easter is also the same day as April Fool's)! There'll be testing available for some characters and their custom dialogues, as well as a video that will demonstrate the mod's progress around that time! If anything, I'm almost positive I'll make the deadline before July... Everything's running smoothly! If you'd like to see any screenshots of the NPCs, lemme know, and I'll give you a little teaser! <3

                        The ONLY thing that's REALLY keeping me from releasing it for testing are the game-breaking bugs; like, if a dialogue string is incomplete, the dialogue box won't close after a character attempts to speak, making it impossible to disengage in conversation; or, if a question a character asks is coded incorrectly, you'll be locked in an infinite loop of the same question, regardless of how many times you answer it... Second to this, some characters are giving me a LITTLE bit of trouble, just because I'm falling into a bit of a writer's block. :'-) But!! I'd like to have the mod available for download sometime around or before summer, but testing available maybe a month or two before that. That's sorta why I'm a bit reluctant to post it NOW; I don't want people flocking to me about bugs WHILE I'm still trying to finish other characters' dialogue; it'd overwhelm me, and I'd PROBABLY end up missing the deadline...

                        Also, happy birthday to me! :whoop: Today's actually my birthday, haha! <3 I decided to pop in and check on this forum before I went out. Good 'ol 18th!
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                        • 0Sailor0

                          0Sailor0 Void-Bound Voyager

                          Thank you for working so hard on this!!! I cannot wait for when your mod is ready to be released and also happy (late?) birthday!
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                          • Orokana

                            Orokana Big Damn Hero

                            @low-spirited I created an account a while back to track this and...
                            wow, wow wow wooow! I'm so hyped for this! Thank you for taking the time to make this massive mod, like??
                            ugh, I can't even explain- <3
                            • MegFirstSave

                              MegFirstSave Void-Bound Voyager

                              This will be really awesome! I'm such tired of the repetitives dialogues and your mod will help me to "relove" the characters. I'm brazilian and i play the game in portuguese, you think about made your mod in another languages, maybe work with another people that speak the language options in the game? Anyway, i hope you finish this mod with success and have a lot of support of the players! Have a good day/night (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
                              • Dreampire

                                Dreampire Space Hobo

                                Oh this will be so awesome!
                                • Blackblooddoomwolf

                                  Blackblooddoomwolf Void-Bound Voyager

                                  Hey! This mod looks like it’ll quickly top the charts for my favorite mods out there! What you’re doing must be really hard and powering through that, as well as your real life problems, means you have a lot of love for this project. I’d be happy to test anything for you if you’d like. I’m also a writer myself so I may be able to help with awkward lines if I find any. As many other people have stated please don’t feel pressured to push this mod out. We’re all happy to wait it out.
                                  • hebhib

                                    hebhib Master Chief

                                    Just wanted to say that I'm extremely excited for this mod! Harvey is my favorite character and I love what you're doing to his dialogue. Thank you for all the hours you've spent on this, you're truly a saint.
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                                    • irene21000

                                      irene21000 Void-Bound Voyager

                                      Wow!Thank you for all of your hard work! I'm so exciting for the mod releasing day. :3
                                      • Kryzalin

                                        Kryzalin Big Damn Hero

                                        I'm starting to think this one may never come. I hope I'm wrong.
                                        • LiteraryMouse

                                          LiteraryMouse Title Not Found

                                          Is this still being worked on? Also if so is there any problem with the plan for the mod due to the update released today?

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