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Would you like for me to pop this mod out in early July?

  1. Yes, please continue working on it!

  2. I'm not very interested.

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    Hello!! Long time no see! :- )

    To answer your question, yes, but not actively. The mod is still being worked on (somewhat), but, as you can obviously imagine, several things got in my way as I was bogging down to make it; in fact, I haven't touched Stardew Valley since some update that involved a cheating event, a boat, or something along those rails. Even then, I was hardly able to get my hands busy with this mod - and when I did, I lost all of its progress.

    In mid 2018, I lost all of my mod's progress (minus a Harvey dialogue example I provided in a previous reply) after my sister accidentally spilled a soda on my laptop. I couldn't back up my files to my flash drive, because, heck, I couldn't even log ON to my laptop to get the files in time before the keyboard farted out. : ( Even then, there were few and far in between, and a LOT of it I wanted to rework anyways. Not a total loss, honestly. I wasn't too happy with how it was turning out, and I knew I could do better.

    Nowadays, I hear there is this fancy-shmancy thing called content patcher, and I may want to use instead of editing the XNB files with Notepad++ anyways. I'm still looking into if I could make a non-content patcher friendly version of the mod, but from the looks of it, using Visual Studio Code (for content patcher) to make the mod looks simpler and cleaner. I would LOVE to edit this forum post and update it with fresh, easier to read content... but I am low in the time department. Heck, I'm typing this at 1 in the morning.

    I know a lot of people have been eagerly waiting for this mod (when last I checked, my poll looked a LOT less large! I think there was around 80-100 votes for continuing the mod, and before that when I checked, 20, so this came as a shock); even if there was only 2 people supporting it, I'd lovingly work on it FOR those people - it's more of the simple fact that I have left so many waiting without a peep, without knowing, because I have no time on my hands. College has been kicking me in the face, which, at the time, I wasn't even IN college, and had no idea how much time it would suck up; in other words, having to set aside time for something absolutely free for the community is near impossible for me to accomplish. : ( I would seriously LOVE to provide everybody the content they have been waiting for, and in a timely fashion, but this is a free project I am creating because I love Stardew Valley and game-making. I have a lot of other important things to be worrying about that I had NO IDEA I would worry about back then, and it is really weighing on me.

    But, don't worry - I will try not to entirely drop this mod. Whether or not I will finish it is up in the air as of now, but by GOSH will I try to work on it... I may not be able to give it out for people to try as quickly as I wanted because of, well, above (Laptop destroyed, Stardew Valley updating, content patcher switch, life in general), but I will try to provide it at a steady pace. : ) I do not know if I will ever finish it, for how long it has already taken me, but I would very much love to at least, y'know, TRY. Free or not, I feel indebted to the kindness the community has provided me.

    Sorry for the whirlwind, and sorry if I let you down on the (maybe someday) completion date; right now, I want to specifically work on cleaning up this forum-post-thing of old replies, fix the example I provided of the mod (perhaps provide a video?), and learn to switch over to Visual Studio Code.

    tl;dr: I am busier than I thought I would be, as an adult, and the mod's progress / date of completion is up in the air; I lost all of the mod's progress, save for one bachelor's, Stardew Valley has updated, and I am switching over to provide compatibility for content patcher; I do not know if it will be finished or when, but I will give a shot at attempting to work on it whenever time allows.
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