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    I'd like a race of computers.

    no no, hear me out, they are beings not unlike what you'd see in Tron. They take over systems, and flip network tables. Generally just cause a hassle for the victims.

    As a friendly encounter
    They are willing to give information
    They can infect enemy's systems
    They are avid technicians and can fix any computer problem
    They help boost upgrades to any electronically inspired system, i.e. relays, space ion cannons, station streams, station tanks and upgrade pods, and the like.
    They can end up being powerful allies against other beings that can disrupt technologically advanced systems.

    As a neutral encounter
    They are suspicious, and always have eyes on you
    They can offer telecommunications with them through your on board equipment, or hand held equipment.
    They are easily offended if referred to as "human made" or "artificial"
    They are easily swayed when given technological upgrades made by you, they take it as a sign of peace.

    As a hostile encounter
    They control countless numbers of unmanned crafts, including computer controlled space craft, turrets, and walkers.
    They never stop fighting until technology of the planet is wiped clean.
    To appease a truce and offer peace, you may give up one of your large techno-gimmicks
    They can be fought in cyberspace with your own technological advances, though it may prove impractical.

    The race can be anything and take any form, whether physical or not. I imagine that there can be a literal "Zordon" race, a la Power Rangers.
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