Rules for the ''Auto match'' or competitive

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  1. shadics

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    I want to know how's gonna be the rules for the competitive matches
    all the trailers i've seen was with out fog of war
    that gonna be a rule? i feel like that's very important the enemy shouldn't see your strategy without scouting you first

    wich are the victory condition you are going include for competitive? aniquilate?, towns control? ,limit of turns? i am very curious about that

    simultaneous turns for many player like age of wonders or civilization? :)
    or allies simultaneos...
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    • OfficialP3

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      Hi :)

      I am guessing for competitive:
      No FoW because they stated that's how they want the game to be played.
      Victory conditions: pretty sure that's gonna be commander or base death.

      This information isn't necessarily 100% accurate, but I am quite positive that this is how it's gonna be. ':)
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      • Monobogi

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        I think Fog of War would be awesome for competitive play. I agree, your opponent should have to scout to know your position.

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