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    Sablurs! (Say-blur)

    Description: Sablurs are orb-like creatures that have somehow harnessed some kind of ability to allow an extremely sharp blade to orbit and turn around their bodies. They were named because often when one sees one, they only see the blur of their blades. Different sablurs have different body colors (purple in this picture)
    Behavior: Sablurs haven't been seen eating anything, they just... are there. They do reproduce asexually. They are agressive and attack on sight, but are slow.

    Environment: Sablurs can live anywhere...

    Interaction: (pictures will show everything)
    their blades orbit around them, so hit their bodies when you get the chance.
    (random picture showing orbit paths of the blade) [​IMG]

    Unstablurs: Unstablurs are a more agressive type of Sablur that have triangular blades that they throw. You can hit or block the blades to whack them back at the bodies and destroy them with their own weapon! [​IMG]

    (sorry, this post was a lot worse writing-wise than my other mob, the shielles... because the pictures kind of explain everything...) another idea I had was the underwater version, Bubb-lurs. And the other one is Disablurs, they have square blades with notches in them and have been known to knock out people's weapons, giving them thier name. Also there was Fablurs (fable), but I couldn't think of anything that they could be... other words: 'Call the Cablur guy, our tv's messed up!' 'But the phone is all the way over there on the Tablur!' :barefeet:
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    Imagine facing five of these...
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    Imaging training 5 of these and having them fight with you!!! Oh look someone is walking toward us and he HOLY OMGWTFBBQ!!!!!!!!!! :rofl:
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    Result:Shredded corpse!
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    I believe making a creature army is going to be my main task :rofl:
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    Laser orbs+virorbs+sablurs=shedding death pet montage

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