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    Ok, so I was torn between making this a mob or a boss, because I'm thinking more "Shai-hulud" than what Terarria almost has. I think sand worms would be a great addition to the dynamic of Starbound's large desert planets.


    Upon death, sand worms will always drop a large amount of their special 'sand.' This sand is what it spawns in and protects, as it is the key to it's reproduction. It can be refined into fuel (25:1 ratio, slight improvement to coal), or refined in a furnace and used to create a 'slow time' buff, a 'regeneration' buff, or a 'speed' buff, depending on some other ingredients. for future reference we'll call it 'pepper sand'.They also have a small chance (5%) to drop a plate of their armor. This can be used as a high tier shield on it's own or be crafted into a cosmetic 'sand worm' hat. There is also a hyper-rare (0.001%) chance it will drop a tooth. This tooth despawns within 10 seconds of being dropped, and can be crafted with 5 pepper sand and one leather into a dagger with a ridiculously high swing speed and tier 5 damage, or crafted with another tooth, 3 wood, and 4 steel to make a 'rider hook' that allows you to mount a worm and ride it over the surface.

    Sand worms spawn in their own special biome made of the 'pepper sand.' This is a surface biome that is fairly shallow, but the worms will roam outside the biome at will. The biome only occurs in giant desert worlds with little to no water. This is because water reacts to sand worms in the same way magma does to other creatures, and they avoid it at all costs.

    Spawn Rate/Spawning Conditions:
    This mob will spawn wherever a natural pepper sand biome is found. They will respawn over time, but only about 5 can be in a world at a time tops. They are attracted to sound, so creatures walking over the sand in their biome will attract their attention. They have 3000 health, but their only attack is to charge you face first. They will eat anything they can, including any mobs in the biome they can find. It is immune to fire attacks and explosions, but is weak to electrical damage and water. It is heavily armored, to the point where even those with tier 10 weapons will have a hard time doing much damage.

    The mob moves by traveling through any form of sand or dirt, but is stopped by stone. It can move around on the surface by keeping half it's body in the sand.

    Sand worms have only one attack. They launch headfirst at you, and deal 20 damage for every second you stand in the path of their attack. They also kick up sand at high speeds that can cause a mild amount of damage.

    Sand worms look a bit like earthworms, only their segments are covered in massive armored scales. They have X shaped mouths that close underground into a point to help them tunnel, but are covered in teeth on the inside. They are massive, and take up probably an average of 40% of the screen when they appear, making them a huge threat. Here are some examples of the general idea how they should look:

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    You could compare this to the Eater of Worlds in Terraria, When the EoW is moving underground little particle effects bounce around the blocks its body's traveling through. That's what I'd like to see if this was ever implemented. It's a great idea in my opinion. I love it.
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    Perfect. Shai-Hulud has arrived. If that is the wrong spelling, I am very sorry!
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    Let's imagine it for a sec dood...

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    I think the teeth are too hard an item to get. Maybe 0.01% or 0.1% or something because I think it would be too hard if you think about the power of the sand worm.
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    haha, I love the idea, I want thous guys bring some good grief, I am tire seeing no enemies digging under us mostly and we got so much weapons that we don't hardly use them all. I think best time for worms dig right into our base whoever have underground base.

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