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Closed Save file corrupted?

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by TheGunWithin, Feb 20, 2016.

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  1. TheGunWithin

    TheGunWithin Space Hobo

    So, i was fighting against the Penguin Mech boss, when i died, the game crashed, and when i try to get back to it, it keeps restarting at my ship, with a dead carachter (Non-visible), and then it crashes again! What am i supposed to do?

    (Shortly after i tried to take a screenshot with the crashing savefile, starbound crashed again, and now seems irresponsive, didnt manage to get a screenshot, sorry!)


    64 Bit mode still seems to make the game work, but doesnt fix the savefile. heres the image anyway,


    Well, the games working again, although i dont know how, anyway, this case is free for the admins to close. So i basically started back up in 64 bit mode, suddenly my char resurrects, and then it works again. Sad that noone was here to help me for the time being.

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  2. Mackinz

    Mackinz The Waste of Time

    Next time this happens, use a healing item from your hotbar before the game crashes again, or use Starcheat to restore your health.

    Or use the search function to find the other threads and posts that have reported this issue.
  3. Idontevenno

    Idontevenno Space Spelunker

    Thank you. I had the exact same problem and starting it in 64-bit helped!
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