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Bug/Issue Save File crashing when display set to Duplicate on Windows 10

Discussion in 'Support' started by Kinotsu, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. Kinotsu

    Kinotsu Void-Bound Voyager

    So this morning I tried playing Stardew Valley, I loaded up my save file, and it would instantly crash. Well, after freaking out and panicking for about an hour, restarting my computer multiple times, and making no progress, I figured my save file had some how got corrupted. I was extremely upset and had no motivation or interest in starting all over after putting 100 hours into my save file, and I was super bummed out because I really loved and enjoyed the game.

    After almost giving up, I decided to try one more thing, and it got fixed! It seems the problem was, like always, something extremely random that had nothing to do with Stardew Valley (I hate Windows sometimes)

    The problem was that my display was accidentally set to Duplicate mode, which for some reason would cause the game to crash when loading my save file. I have no idea why it causes the game to crash but yeah, I switched back to "PC Screen only" or single display, and my save file loaded perfectly fine!

    I hope the developers take notice of this issue, I think it might have to do with my save file being set to fullscreen or some incompatibility problem with multiple displays. I hope this thread helps someone else out there as a last resort that has given up trying to fix their save file, because I could not find any info on this on the internet, forums, or google.


    If your save file keeps crashing, try pressing Win+P to check to see if you have Duplicate display mode on in Windows 10 or any other alternate display mode on, and switch it to "PC Screen only" or Single Display
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