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Bug/Issue Save Files Possibly Corrupt

Discussion in 'Support' started by quesabriea, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. quesabriea

    quesabriea Space Hobo

    Tried everything I could find in the main thread on saves and corrupt files but haven't found a solution. Whenever I open my save files, the game crashes. I can create new characters and they look fine and load correctly but my old files don't show any detail in the load screen of my character. I've tried replacing the saves, I've tried reverting to the "_old" version of my file, I've tried installing on a new computer and copying the saves over and none of it has worked.
    Can't find any error logs in the game for the crashes but maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. Windows simply says "Stardew Valley has stopped working".

    I'm finally wondering if my saves are just corrupted, can someone take a look?

    • Blorp

      Blorp Big Damn Hero

      This suggests your game is back on 1.2. Make sure the beta is still selected in Steam (you may need to enter the jumpingjunimos code again), and do "verify integrity of game files" in the local files tab. This should fix it.
      • quesabriea

        quesabriea Space Hobo

        <3 That fixed it thank you so much! <3

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