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RELEASED Searchable Tenant Tags

Discussion in 'Furniture and Objects' started by mooseeeeey, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. mooseeeeey

    mooseeeeey Space Hobo

    Welcome to Searchable Tenant Tags!
    This mod adds the tenant/colony tags to every vanilla object's description. This allows for you to search by tag to filter for specific tenant requirements. It allows you to easily determine what you can craft that has the tag for objects you're looking for. If you have any problems or suggestions, let me know. I hope you enjoy!

    - First release! It works*!
    - Known issues: Tags clip outside tooltip box in inventory
    *Kinda sorta mostly.
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  2. ruyuto

    ruyuto Tentacle Wrangler

    When I have the mod installed installed, I cannot go into the ruin as part of the final quest. Whenever I try to teleport into the ruin, there is a teleport animation but i just reappear outside of the gate.
  3. MaxShadow09

    MaxShadow09 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I came here to report the same. There seems to be a problem with the patch files of objects from the "Tentacle" biome. When you try to enter the Ark portal, it will teleport you back to the outpost, with errors like these:

    [02:24:08.498] [Error] UniverseServer: error during world create: (WorldServerException) Exception countered initializing world
    Caused by: (DungeonException) Error generating dungeon named 'tentacleboss'
    Caused by: (ObjectException) No such object named 'bossrightspawner'

    Deleting the folder "SearchableTenantTags/objects/biome/tentacle/" solves the problem.
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  4. Quinch

    Quinch Cosmic Narwhal

    Hi! Here from the Steam page, love the idea but GOG version. Any chance of updating the forums version of the mod?
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  5. Ashtar084

    Ashtar084 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    hello please update this

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