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    he had a #1 dad t shirt we told him what happened but he didnt seem interested(probley seen some loonies before) he noticed the end of the peace pipe
    lee said what is that in a serous tone we told him and he left came back with some good herb expressed the autheticity of what we had and how much his heart felt
    he taught proper etiquette. in his place we were having fun saying were do we go in a serious manner i was confussed lee protected with innocence
    brian said something like lee its US THe rainbow FAMily lee responded OOooo just stay in the green brian said why but where lee protected saying what? what do you
    mean i think were talking about two different things then suddly told us to leave. i forgot about it like most strange things the next day
    in the sun we venture off saw a mountion(paisades mt) we went to it there were green* trails throughout the town by the mt there is farm land with cows a river
    wild rye and a secret grate painted green litterly it was covered as if know one has been back there in a while i metined it to brian at first he didnt want to but "I"
    wanted to see heading down this trail towards the vertical peaks of the mt there were sighns that said no dogs allowed brian said someone who appreciats the zodiac wouldent like that
    i note that the time in this area i made the desision to go onword there is a deep river right up close to the mt and left trails then right trails we went right
    found a secret river crossing linked arms and legs then crossed. to the left 100 yards down was a fisherman brian fluttered the deluted thought that he was informed
    i said fuck him we continue to cross up close on the mt you can see what used to be caves that hav been blocked by rock depree we found a "trail" up the mountion
    the stone on the sides were black like obsidian it lead to a collapsed cave there was a deer trail of to the right we didnt go that way we climbed above the cave
    and continued up the mountion haveing lees words in mind we had respect for the land the terrain was similar o boulder falls mt but worse we slide down a couple
    times stopped a couple times due to lack of derectionand the great wheel in the sky was hurting due to us being there on our way up this steep mt
    there was a ledge 6 feet high i pushed brian up then he pulled me up but as brian got to the top he lost his vision pulled me up then got hit with the realitty
    of this now 7 situation she grabed me saying do you feel that his eye was breathing fresh air so was i but i think he got a boom we continue up to the top there
    was a dome house on the other side way down the hill on top of the mountion we found a wood pallet with old broken pottery
    our joints would not smoke it was if they were soaked with water we heard a loud gun shot like noise then again it was derectd towards us as a warning
    we hurried down the east side of the mountion we noticed some ancient rocks about a foot tall arangged like stoneheadge the locusts were aggressive the closer we
    got to this man made struturewe left it coming down and around to the front face of the mountion brian found a bone he called it a chicken bone a fence was in
    place probley for cows there was a gate but the use of this gate would of taken us out of the green and into the evil eyes bad side to the right we noticed a opening
    into the trees wide at first then narrower we walk into these cleared circle within the trees it was heavely in the exact middle was a tree not sure if it was
    a stuck there or it wa old if it was just old it would have to bee very old due to he deteriation it had a smooth surface and what seemed to be nail marks some
    deeper then others as if the nailed in the same spot serveral times one hole in particular was very deep the circumrance of this wood was about 6 inches
    facing toward the mt off in the nw corner is a stone with licken growing a nice patch brain was behind me when i came up to the stick of truth and feldt it
    i heard brian say something likedid you touch it? i told him yes bcause that was the truth he demanded i touch it aain in his pov ther was dried but fresh blood
    on it so i hesitated he reinforeced i was like ya i touched it whats the big deal but i didnt say that im not sure if brian saw it first or me but there was
    a desesed bear(black?) it was on its back most of the fur and flesh was gone leaving the majority of the bones exposed the limbs were criss crossed (legs below arms above snout pointed sort of towards a trail)
    this the trail we left by brian insisted i go through the trail first i was terrified left with brian behind me it was a small trail
    marked by two x's once you leave you take an iddmediate right turn 2 feet in the another right turn after a couple steps were the second x was laid by way of branch
    man made ovously a left turn takes you out of this little area inbewteen the river and the mt we found a crossing through the river were ashore the other side
    a stick sticks out of the ground and splits like a peace sign i derected my nose to leave him and was haunted by a bear like blackness that watchs
    brian turned to me and said i think we shoud go back frigtened little me said nooo what? i just think we shold go back to see if that just happened i said no
    other words were said i cant remember we made it the apartment i put my back to the wall we then talked about this stick of truth we googled key words and
    found the only thing that makes some sense ancient sociesties such as the kame in japan would ceramonisly kill a bear nailing it to the stick then sorronding it then they would shoot
    false head arrows at it then they would load real arrows and yadda yadda yadda never heard of them crossing the bones also i heard via grape vine they would raise
    a bear human like then once it misbehaved they woud shuunn it or something like that.

    split my mind made aware of good and evil left an right male and female
    in neverland i unearthed peters sword
    when jd
    sunny gunny the locals called it, white trucks survey on a male field watching me, as they told him
    pathways the heart derects, (stay in the green) lee said
    some trails lead to death
    we climed a holy mountion once

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