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    This may be a very good idea, if refined well. I'll just put the rough and unpolished stone here and you guys think more about it ;)
    Imagine if you can edit the message sent by a Distress Beacon, then a secret boss appears! (it's not necessary to be a message, and it's not necessary to be a distress beacon, new items for this can be created).
    To get the codes/pieces, you must find them in dungeons and relics lost around the universe (some of them will be splitted into small parts and you need to find all of them to get the code) , so it would be a bonus feature after you get to the endgame phase (many players, like me, get very bored after completing the game content, so i think that games need those "unachievable" things to chase and spend a lot of time).

    -Obviously, giving the difficulty of this, the reward for killing the bosses would be awesome, like unique equipment and furniture.
    -To avoid the game-breaking spoilers and walkthroughs, the codes/items can be randomly generated, so a player can't google everything and beat the boss.
    -All this stuff can be history-related.
    -Instead of bosses, NPCs can also appear.
    -I didn't read all the boss suggestions, so there may be something like this mentioned, if that's the case, i just hope something in my post will contribute to the original idea.
    - English is not my mother language so no grammar nazis plz.
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