Bug/Issue Secret notes are incorrectly flagged as 'obtained'

Discussion in 'Support' started by 1313e, Nov 12, 2019.

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    If anybody knows how I can actually provide a save file from the Nintendo Switch version, please let me know such that I can do that.

    This is a bug that I have encountered in v1.3.33 for the Nintendo Switch.
    Given that the update overview do not report on this, I am assuming it is still a problem in v1.3.37.

    Whenever a secret note spawns, it seems that the game automatically flags it as 'obtained' (or whatever is used to remember that the player received something), even if you do not pick it up or are unable to pick it up.
    In my case, I had a secret note spawn in the Mutant Bug Lair (as it is a good area to farm all secret notes), but it fell into the water after spawning, making me unable to pick it up.
    Even after about 20 hours of further gameplay, I have never been able to get that secret note (which happened to be the last one) to ever drop again.
    This is weird, because before that, it was literally raining secret notes in the Mutant Bug Lair.

    This makes me think that whenever a secret note drops, that secret note can never drop again, even if you did not pick it up.

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