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    Tell me, doesn't it seem strange to you that a player's mech does not need a regular recharge - instead, the player is simply dropped inside a fully charged mech to the ground and as soon as the mech is discharged, it disappears? Therefore, I propose to introduce the following mechanics.

    On the player's ship, you need to place a special section for the mech, in which it is placed when the player is not using the mech. This section is used to recharge the batteries of the mech (we will assume that there is a special battery for teleportation to the ship), the source of energy can be erchium fuel or coal (since the mech explores planets and asteroids, and does not fly between the stars, it does not you need such a powerful fuel and in such volumes as for a ship). It means, that player will need a really big ship for storaging mech. The same section can be placed at home on one of the planets, but it is impossible to teleport to it - instead, the player can turn off teleportation and leave the mech in the section on the planet, so mech will be always ready for player on his planet.

    The second idea is about the ship's crew. They just follow you on the planet and do not need food, treatment, etc.They will return only if they was killed. Seriously, pet + mech + 2 crew members - and the player is invincible.

    Instead, you can make or buy dropship, which also occupy a special section on the player's main ship and can also be fueled with erchium fuel or coal. They can accommodate 3-4 crew members (excluding the pilot) - for example, a soldier, a medic and a chemist. At the same time, the dropship must have supplies of food and medicines that the player loads - for 5, 10 or 15 days (the period needs to be adjusted). As a result, when a player needs help - he does not choose who will go with him from the ship, but calls for help by radio, a dropship arrives to the planet with help and those whom he chose as a crew for this ship remain with the player for a certain number of days on the planet - then they run out of supplies and they return to the main ship (that is, the crew will be able to stay with the player on the planet and help him only as long as they have enough supplies). However, there are limitations - the player cannot use the mech, otherwise the people say "why did you call us, you already have enough strength" and return to the ship. Accordingly, the player will have to make really large supplies of food and medicine if he wants his expedition to last a really long time and he will not be left alone after 2-3 days.

    P.S. Effects from chemist, medic, etc. must can use all group, not only player. In normal time(not in combat) group can eat something, read, give comments about what they see, etc.
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