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See ships over the same planet in the background while in orbit

  1. yes

  2. no

  1. Commissar Hagen

    Commissar Hagen Aquatic Astronaut

    The suggestion is a rather simple graphical addition. lets say you an your friends all move your ships above the same planet you would be able to see the other ships similar to the way we seen the planets moons while in orbit. hopefully in the real version of this the insides of the ships wont be visible.

    Also in the nav screen / over moons for ships not on the same planet but in the same system they would appear similarly to a star but significantly brighter as well as blinking. (as represented by the extremely bright light in the red box)


    Please feel free to leave feedback

    - extending the name box would be appreciated
    - My glitch character has a human ship because I swapped the .shipworld files
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  2. Boneslord

    Boneslord Big Damn Hero

    It will be awesome!
    But maybe making the "dot" that appears in the red box a bit more brighter?
    Also make the other ships unable to be see-through
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  3. Commissar Hagen

    Commissar Hagen Aquatic Astronaut

    the only reason its not brighter is that you have to be looking for it it will be pulsating and the only one of the stars that wont move. and the idea is that you wont see the inside of the ships i just couldn't find an image of the ships without their insides showing.
  4. Boneslord

    Boneslord Big Damn Hero

    srry about the ship part, wasn't thinking.
  5. Markelius

    Markelius Space Kumquat

    No, absolutely not. It's almost impossible to get a visual on interstellar objects in space and this would also be awful for ship mods. I realize not everyone uses ship mods but the main point is that this feature would make no sense.
  6. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time

    Conceptually it would be cool, however, not everyone uses the default ships so they would be misrepresented.

    Also, this would require extra graphics for the exterior of the ships, which is just more work for the devs, and subsequently more work for modders who want their ships to comply with the feature.

    Overall a good idea, but IMO, impractical.
  7. Mallacor

    Mallacor Great Scott!

    I like it :up:, Also could I add, if in single player they have some type of background like this for Ship Trade Posts. Would make the Trade Post they are implementing seem like more a go to place for trade. Immersion.
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  8. BunniEars

    BunniEars Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Really support this idea, especially in multiplayer servers. This would be so cool to see other players ships hovering around planets, although considering the immensity of planets, and just so the ships aren't too distracting, they should be smaller. I can't express how great of an idea this is though, and its a small thing to implement. When on crowded servers you could see whos on the planet currently.
  9. Alucard I

    Alucard I King Homestuck I

    I do NOT support this idea, at least on early stages. Ships require interaction, otherwise... simply as a graphical object? That's stupid.
  10. BunniEars

    BunniEars Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Its a simple addition that has no real game changing additions, only little things such as how you see the clouds float by when orbiting a planet, except instead of clouds, ships. These ships would be the ships of other players and not EVERYONES ship on a planet would be shown. It would only really affect multiplayer servers, and at that, it would change very little.
  11. Alucard I

    Alucard I King Homestuck I

    It makes sense in multiplayer games. I see no use of it in single.
  12. BunniEars

    BunniEars Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Same, I thought that was assumed and didn't see why you thought it was a bad idea.
  13. extremist

    extremist Existential Complex

    That'd be pretty rad in multiplayer. Singleplayer could have something like abandoned ships too, to explore and get loot from
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  14. Hawk Novablast

    Hawk Novablast Black Hole Surfer

    That would be really cool, especially in singleplayer with NPC ships and abandoned ships.
  15. Zebe

    Zebe Space Kumquat

    Idea is pretty cool. It would be sweet that you could see the outsides of default ships. In addition, if someone would be using a modded custom ship, it simply wouldn't be shown. It would serve as a gameplay feature too, as you could see if someone is on that planet.
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  16. tomssuli

    tomssuli Title Not Found

    In multiplayer it would make it clearer that everyone has jumped to right place if you could see their ships in orbit...

    Of course it doesn't matter where your ships really are as you can just warp to players, but when starting the game with default planet, all players could move along the game together as a fleet. That way you just have to click "beam down" to end up the planet your team is currently operating on.

    ...also, sorry for necroing this topic :S
  17. Fairy Pinkett

    Fairy Pinkett Void-Bound Voyager

    I'd enjoy it, I usually play with a large group of (10+!) friends on a server one of them hosts for us all.
    This would be astounding as a feature for us. Maybe allow a sharing option for coordinates in game also?
    Along with a overhead map option to point or tell us what solar system/planet our friends ship is in? My friend is a bit of a ditz, as such he tends to not give correct coordinates.
    Allowing us to view where his ship is in the universe would be astounding, so we can all follow him.
    (He's a ditz, but he finds the coolest stuff.)
  18. Xhazors

    Xhazors Void-Bound Voyager

    I would love this! Even cooler if you could see your friends warping in! The looks of the game means alot to me, awesome backgrounds of ruined cities, the mountens, everything! This would make multiplayer feel more, you know, multiplayer! Love the idea of abandon space ships, and ships just flying by the ''trade staton''. And yes! Sharing your coordinates would mean a little bit more.
  19. corealing

    corealing Space Spelunker

    this is a great idea its just no one has made an update or a mod for this

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