Serializer issue?

Discussion in 'Mods' started by renee999, Apr 4, 2020.

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    Something has a mangled or absent display name. Do you have any honey made from custom crops? If yes, you're probably going to need Carry Chest, because when honey's name breaks you can't pick it up directly, only use Carry Chest to toss the chest in the water like unwanted sap.

    Honey is cursed or something, so far problems have included "BigCraftables with a specific ID have their name forced to Weeds Honey because the game is convinced it's honey with a blank prefix", "Honey sometimes gets up with a blank prefix and this breaks the save serializer because apparently only BigCraftables can be weeds honey and actual honey just becomes a crash", and "Chests in a chest group named honey are treated like a hybrid of chests and the tuna item, which the save seralizer, as you may expect, can't handle".

    Also you don't need CFR anymore from the looks of it, so you can safely uninstall that.
    • renee999

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      I dont have any special honeys, all i can think is it might be the mineral mage faberge eggs?
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        Those are just ordinary items, with their name defined cleanly by item IDs. Honey is weird because it has a prefix that is defined by code but isn't a preserve type, and sometimes the code hecks up. Still check your chests for any honeys with no name at all.

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