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  1. Obesius

    Obesius Big Damn Hero

    So i was thinking about the state of SDV town.
    We came from the big city but never really changed the town, we may have done the CC storyline but what about Pam and Penny relationship, mayor still officially single.

    What about having an arc on the townspeople dreams:

    • For example, building an school next to the library so the kids (including your children can study) (also being Penny's Dream.)
    • Abbigail can discover the truth about the wizard being hers father.
    • Shane quitting alcohol.
    The list goes on, soo what do you guys think?
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    • Jerev

      Jerev Pangalactic Porcupine

      I think these are great ideas. I would like to add Robin into the mix:
      - at the end of spring year 3 Robin can visit and say that you were the only one giving her big jobs and now she needs more to do.
      - this could cause Lewis gathering the people who state that they would like to build but need more money.
      - so you have to help the villagers raise that money. -> e.g. get rare ingredients for Gus so he can hold a special dinner party. Gather gold and gems for Clint so he can sell juwelry. help Gunther search for a rare artifact to sell to a rich collector in Zuzu city. and so on
      - after completing each new quest line there will be a cutscene of the corresponding villager ordering his project at Robin's workshop. This could be: Gus upgrading his pub into a hostel which makes tourists and hitchhikers roam the countrside on weekends. Gunther expanding the museum to a school which would make Penny happy and could enable your children to go there too. Clint building a bigger smithy with crystallariums which lets him start selling gems and ingots. and so on

      This would give the player the opportunity to develop the town in addition to the quests and character development mentioned above.
      • Obesius

        Obesius Big Damn Hero

        Penny and pam finally getting a house.
        Also linus getting a cottage.

        Talking about Linus, he says that he choose stardew valley as a home, but his grandpa is buried in the mines, maybe he's a half-human half-dwarf!!!
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        • EnchantedFox2121

          EnchantedFox2121 Orbital Explorer

          I would definitely like to see further development with the characters. Once you see all the cutscenes it gets a little dull. I'd like to see people go through more changes as your friendship levels up. Maybe Pam starts cleaning up her act a little, Shane leaves once a week to go to his counseling, more story development to learn more about the characters, etc. It would also be nice if the town went through changes as well, like after a certain year new buildings and characters come to town like an Inn, school, etc. along with new NPCs.
          • Scritchowl

            Scritchowl Big Damn Hero

            Hmm you know abagail might not be the wizards daughter. What if it is penny. Just think she is into ancient stuff like artifacts and gems. She pursues knowledge for the sake of knowledge. There is no in game mentioning of her dad.

            Just saying abby is classic counter culture. Given the amount rocks this girl eats maybe she is just a joja cola spawned mutant. One of the so called Joja babies.
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            • LuthienNightwolf

              LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

              I really like the idea of the upgrades to the various buildings in town. Again, something to spend all those big bucks on in late game besides just fancy items for the farm. Also, the idea of turning it into little mini quests is a really good one. My biggest issue is always that by year 3, I'm flat out of things to do, and the days get pretty repetitive. Having some money sinks that would actually benefit the town would be awesome.
              • TheTearer

                TheTearer Subatomic Cosmonaut

                This would be great! They talk early about how the town's dying, and the community center and Joja Mart are the two obvious visible signs of it, but there's a lot of conversation that shows it, too. And as someone whose parents both came from small towns, one really tiny podunk in the middle of nowhere, I can tell you from experience visiting those towns that a lot of what goes on exhibits no -just- small town life (though the town shutting down on any festival is definitely signs of a tiny town), but of a -dying- town. Fixing the community center shows the people deciding to try and save the town, but it doesn't fix any of the problems. It doesn't show anything more being done to save the town. I'd love to see more of that for me to do in the game!
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                • Scritchowl

                  Scritchowl Big Damn Hero

                  1. Shane the alcoholic who goes to rehab but still drinks and goes to bars.

                  2. Pam the to drunk/bus driver hmm great combo there

                  3.Lewis what does he do as mayor. Not much of anything. Other than set the prices your allowed to sell crops at.

                  4.The towns church? Is inside a minimart who doesnt sell basic necessities of life to you.

                  5.Two people whose entire business model is based on you. Robin and Marnie. Seriously they never have any other clients.

                  6.Harvey has patients with no income and and has questionable doctor skills. Not even House lets people walk out of the hospital after being ground zero of an explosion and requiring emergency surgery.

                  7.Regardless of how much the town loves you they will still mug you at night. Looking at you Shane.

                  8. A toxic waste dump and man eating mutant bugs in the sewers under the town.

                  9. Shane was stealing from Joja mart. Seriously dude needs some help.

                  10. What is with the 50021 pairs of broken glasses I have found in the crab traps on my farm. I think grandpa hosted nerd fight club events.

                  Yeah none of this changes in the game the town is going down hill. No wonder turning farms in vineyards and wineries are the most profitable model in the game
                  • TheTearer

                    TheTearer Subatomic Cosmonaut

                    Oh, you mean like in real life? Although for the last 10, 15 years the biggest money-maker has actually been turning farmland and orchands into fancy houses with big yards or condos. The whole living in the middle of nowhere idead is very in (at least in my area of the US) and people spend MILLIONS to live in farmland, and then complain about the smell of pig sh*t, chicken noise, and being in the middle of nowhere with no malls and no fast internet.
                    • Obesius

                      Obesius Big Damn Hero

                      Lots of replies wut, I will take my time to answer everyone.

                      That was what I was talking about, bring joja old mart to the ground and build something useful there.

                      The thing is that, pierre talks about maybe not being her father.
                      Her mother talks about going to the cindersap forest all the time when she was younger.

                      Imagine how I feel I'm on year 44 the only thing I can do now is math to break the game.

                      I'm from a small town too, there's a big farming area near here that was turbed into a condo.

                      • Redzeth

                        Redzeth Master Chief

                        Yo guys, just like to say that people keep saying that abigail is wizards daughter with their main reason being she has purple hair. Her mother has a quote saying she dyes he hair so that takes a lot of the credibility off.
                        • Jerev

                          Jerev Pangalactic Porcupine

                          There are many hints:
                          - Abigail says that she dyed her hair purple, but the colour never faded. Some people would suggest a magical heritage.
                          - Caroline, her mother, says that when they moved to Pelican Town, she often visited the spooky tower in the forest. She also ask not to tell Pierre, because he easily gets jealous.
                          - In combination with the wizard saying that the witch divorced him because he made something bad might lead to a certain conclusion.
                          - the wizard suspects that one of the villagers could be his daughter.
                          - even Pierre suspects that he might not be Abigail's father.

                          A screenshot of the wizard suspecting one of the villager to be his daughter and some other quotes can be found in this old thread:

                          So yeah we like to point to Abigail's hair but for a much more sophisticated reason ;)
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                            Megumin Guest

                            lol, how? he's hobo

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