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RELEASED Shadow Wolf TJC's NPC Pack 2/25/17

A mod pack full of various mods that focus primarily on adding or modifying various NPCs.

  1. Shadow Wolf TJC

    Shadow Wolf TJC Spaceman Spiff

    Shadow Wolf TJC submitted a new mod:

    Tenant Pack - A pack with mods that add new tenants, and rebalance vanilla ones to encourage building larger rooms

    Read more about this mod...
  2. bk3k

    bk3k Oxygen Tank

    I like what you're doing here.

    I also think the tenants should have a bit more room and furniture than the game encourages you to. I'm done some preliminary work on re-working the tenant system itself. But I don't yet have anything worth showing off because my attention has been elsewhere(well several directions) mostly.

    I'll probably start off with using beds(cloned from vanilla) in place of the colony deed. I hate the look of it, and who would actually have that thing in their room? Everyone would have a bed. I think I'll require more basic furniture too. And I agree with your direction here... more space. Or rather they're not gonna be happy otherwise. I'll also make it possible to have multiple tenants(families) on a single colony deed(maybe after a mini-quest per case), or optionally multiple deeds in a room... but they really won't like it!

    I'd make it a harder-to-please but higher reward thing. Also I want my tenants to demand food (but again for more reward)... But I would have them go periodically to a kitchen area(probably new objects). Not all races will want the same foods. Perhaps they'll even pay you for the food(again high reward) but they'll be mad if it isn't available. A cook might be a good tenant if they can take your raw food from the farmer, and make higher tiered foods from recipes you already know.

    I'd have some tenants(like guards) actually charge you for their services rather than provide you rent. I think the farmers etc you are adding should fall under that category. If you aren't keeping them happy(including food), they will demand more salary. Higher tiers will also cost more.

    I hate the current chasing after rent system. I'd probably have them place it in a rent box, or maybe have it as is but let you hire an rent-collector to go collect it for you and place it in that box. Guards etc would collect their salary from that box as well. This would serve as a useful pixel sink(something I think Starbound needs).

    Equipment chests and wardrobes. The equipment chests would be wired such that you can tell them to put on whatever equipment is inside(only looking for the first thing they find per equipment slot), and there must be room for their old equipment. Only guards would actually USE their weapons if you give them any, but anyone could walk around with one. The armor though would function and thus make survival easier. Wardrobes would hold a lot, and they will put on a new random outfit(appearance only) every day based off its contents, so you don't constantly see the same boring tenants.

    There is a mod that adds musical instruments as furniture. So if you had that mod (and instruments in your rooms) you would get musician tenants that will play music(if you can even make them do that), which would make other tenants happy and I think I'd like to hear random tunes played too. Multiple musicians would join together to play in the same way multiple guards will join in an attack. To play, they would also require instruments given to them via equipment chests(equipped as though weapons).

    Rather than having regular rooms, for merchants you would set up an actual shop(they'd live there), and occasionally sell other NPCs things (which may end up in their wardrobes). You also can buy from them. They can also sell your stuff for you, but they take a cut. Their rent would be based off of sales.

    You could place tourism teleporters(themed per race but probably just cloned vanilla varieties especially the new nightly ones) would allow tourism. Maybe also require a tour guide? The glitch teleporter brings(spawns) glitch tourists(who requires glitch approved food, will want lots of NPC "toys" to interact with, and will obviously spend money at merchants shops thus increasing income. They won't pay you anything if they aren't kept safe! You get paid upon them teleporting home(despawning).

    So all and all, it would encourage you to set up something that looks and works more like a village/city. That's the vision anyhow. I suppose a lazy person could just lay waste to an existing village, and then repopulate it with their own tenants. That would certainly be... efficient.

    My rambling aside, some of this might work well in your mod absent the need for the day that I get this thing really going. I would not mind in the least if you took any of those ideas as your own... in whole, part, or altered as you like. Of course this here is your mod, and you are not obligated to like any of my ideas. I will not be offended in the least.
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  3. Shadow Wolf TJC

    Shadow Wolf TJC Spaceman Spiff

    Heh, I know the feeling. At the same time that I was working on this, I was also working on a few mods that are related to dungeons, as well as a mod related to weapons. In fact, perhaps I should start looking into designing new dungeons really soon...
    Unfortunately, the Beds were already designed to be interactable: more specifically, for players and npcs to use to rejuvenate health. Colony Deeds also needed to be made interactable, so that the player could collect rent from the Tenants that occupied the home.

    I believe that the next best thing would be this Simplified Colony Deed mod.
    While I do believe that they may be good ideas to consider, sadly, that just seems too ambitious of a project for me to want to tackle anytime soon (if ever). Moreover, I'm not an expert in .lua programming, so I highly doubt that I would've been able to program this all in if I wanted to.

    I know that I've made alot of mods in the past, but I've always been content with making comparatively "simpler" mods, including the Tenant Pack. Moreover, although they may not have released as many mods as I have, I'm personally impressed by the kinds of things that modders like sayter, Wellbott, and RyuujinZERO have created, especially in the amount of skill and dedication that it'd take to develop and maintain them.
  4. bk3k

    bk3k Oxygen Tank

    The solution to this dilemma is in adding a wiring node. A mod already does this to the standard deed and it is a worthwhile improvement. I was going to just implement the same idea. In fact for mine, tenants won't spawn until the bed gets its first input. The standard bed interaction would remain as is. I'm not even going to "replace" the standard colony spawner or its code. My objects will reference their own code.

    I've self-taught myself LUA (not my first language fortunately) and I think I have the ability to do what I'm talking about. My biggest deficiencies are focus, time. Also a lack of natural artistic skill, but I'm getting a bit better at the pixel art thing. So I don't think I'll be releasing this idea too soon, but some ground work might get done by my other projects.

    But yeah my focus... I could probably have my next shipyard update pushed out today/tomorrow... or it could be weeks from now LOL. Partially that also depends on me deciding to add more stuff to this version.
  5. DruidicSymphonies6713

    DruidicSymphonies6713 Astral Cartographer

    Um.. well, I am having difficulties with this modpack. How big does the house have to be? I have made two, one big and one small. For some reason the smaller one (which is still pretty big) allows a tenant to spawn, while the larger one allows tenants to spawn as well, but not the specific one I want. I tried in the bigger time more than once to get a floran prison tenant, but they will never appear. I get furniture from the floran prison and a weapon chest, then try to get a floran prison tenant, but either nothing happens or a regular floran villager tenant would spawn. I am not sure why this happens.. Can you please help me? Also, the smaller one seems to allow the floran prisoner tenant, and the bigger one is more like a tall tower than a house, just something I would like to add..
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  6. Shadow Wolf TJC

    Shadow Wolf TJC Spaceman Spiff

    The size of the house is irrelevant. What's important is how much stuff is inside of it. For the larger tenants that would pay more in rent, at least 100 blocks need to be filled with objects that are necessary for the tenant to spawn. (For normal-paying tenants, 40 blocks should suffice.)

    While I do plan on better explaining what each of the tenants' specific requirements are, for now, just note that certain dungeon-specific items have additional "traits", like "science", "odd", "evil", and "nature". If you place down too many Floran Prison Torture Devices for example, you may end up summoning a Cultist instead of a Floran Prison Guard.

    Also, biome and dungeon-specific guards currently don't require any combat-tagged objects (like Floran Spear Racks). However, as a consequence, they were placed lower on the priority chain than standard guards, merchants, and even specialist villagers like Musicians and Librarians. Later on, however, I plan on introducing more "professional" guards and merchants, including elite versions of some biome and dungeon-specific guards and merchants, that WILL require these additional objects.

    For now, I recommend setting up a room with a well-rounded selection of Floran Prison objects, including a Floran Prison Bed, a Prison Desk and Lamp, a few cages, a Drysap Dispenser, and maybe just one Torture Device. Make sure that the Floran Prison objects all fill up at least 100 blocks of space. Just don't add any combat-tagged objects (20 blocks worth is almost certain to summon a generic Guard), and you should be fine.
  7. DruidicSymphonies6713

    DruidicSymphonies6713 Astral Cartographer

    Oh. Well, I am sorry for being a pest, but it seems whenever I add one of those prison doors, or the floran prison lamp, it doesn't allow anything to spawn.
  8. Shadow Wolf TJC

    Shadow Wolf TJC Spaceman Spiff

    Not a problem. Just keep experimenting with different layouts. I've recently finished adding a more detailed list of tenant requirements and priorities (with the higher priority ones taking precedence) to the mod overview page, and I hope that it'll help. To get a better feel of that tenant's requirements, I'd start with a room that's quite big (25x6 is a nice start), and filled to the brim with all sorts of stuff that you'd find within a Floran Prison, then start gradually taking away stuff until the tenant starts to complain.
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  9. DruidicSymphonies6713

    DruidicSymphonies6713 Astral Cartographer

    Okay, well.. I made an attempt to spawn a regular floran guard npc, using a weapon chest, floran furniture, and even the floran weapon rack things, but it either spawns a regular npc, or if I add two weapon chests, a strange guard npc that can be any race regardless of the floran furniture.
  10. Shadow Wolf TJC

    Shadow Wolf TJC Spaceman Spiff

    You're probably running into issues with npc priority. In your case, whenever you're trying to summon a generic Floran Guard npc, you instead end up summoning a Weapon Master (though perhaps I should start calling him/her a Weapon Collector instead, since he/she's supposed to be a fan of various kinds of weaponry).

    Unfortunately, as the Weapon Master npc shares the same exact summoning requirements as a generic guard npc (100 combat items), but has a higher priority than them (30 as opposed to the generic guards' 21-22), you'll have to take one of these actions:

    1. Settle for a tiered guard instead. Although you'll need to fill at least 80 tiles of furniture that's the same tier as the guard that you're trying to spawn (i.e., Iron, Steel, Titanium, Durasteel, etc., though be warned that higher-tiered guards have higher priorities than lower-tiered ones), along with at least 20 tiles of combat equipment (at least 15 will need to be of a particular race, such as Floran, if you want to specify a race for the guard), they have an even higher priority than the Weapon Master (among the highest actually, with a priority of 41 or more), and come with armor of the same race that they are.

    2. Settle for a Floran Weapon Master. Like with other tenants that may spawn as a variety of different races, keep unsummoning and summoning a Weapon Master until it's a Floran one.

    3. Although I doubt that you'd want to, uninstalling Rebalanced Tenants Addon - New Tenants should make it so that basic Floran Guards will spawn again. The Rebalanced Tenants mod was, by itself, designed with the purpose of rebalancing the default tenants that were found within vanilla Starbound (adding more incentive to building bigger rooms for them, and rebalancing tenant priorities so that rarer, more specialized tenants were easier to summon), while the New Tenants mod was designed with the purpose of simply adding a wider variety of tenants to the mod, one of which was the Weapon Master. Rebalanced Tenants Addon - New Tenants was made as a bridge between these 2 mods.

    4. Wait for an update (although that might take a while). After hearing about this, I'm now considering making it a bit easier to summon a generic guard without needing to add tiered furniture.
  11. DruidicSymphonies6713

    DruidicSymphonies6713 Astral Cartographer

    Oh, okay. Thanks!
  12. Shadow Wolf TJC

    Shadow Wolf TJC Spaceman Spiff

    Shadow Wolf TJC updated Tenant Pack with a new update entry:

    A small fix for summoning generic guards.

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  13. SurfinDolphin

    SurfinDolphin Void-Bound Voyager

    Ah, hello! I've decided to install this mod (If I can...) and I'd like to know what you mean by ''Combat Equipment''? You've said per tile, which I don't really get.. If I take weapons, armor and various other equipment and stuff them inside chests for several tiles, will it work? or do you mean something like a standalone combat equipment (Don't know if turrets are in the game, but something like that, I assume.)?

    I'm curious and worried at the same time as to how to use this mod to the best extent. If you could please enlighten me with few details I'd be grateful for the help. ^^

    Sincerely, Yunus. (Also, you may have judged from the picless profile.. but I'm new to Starbound as a whole. Trying to get on my toes. owo)
  14. Shadow Wolf TJC

    Shadow Wolf TJC Spaceman Spiff

    Various objects are usually given one or more tags, depending on what qualities these objects possess. For example, a Floran Spear Rack would possess the "floran" and "combat" tags.

    As for how much tiles need to be filled with objects of a particular tag, by tile, I'm talking about how much space (in in-game blocks) these objects take up, both vertically and horizontally. (How much stuff is within containers, or how big the storage space within containers is, is irrelevant.) For example, if every single tile within a 5x20 room was filled with "combat"-tagged objects, with absolutely no room to fit any blocks inside, then we could safely say that that 5x20 room has 100 tiles filled with objects that are tagged with "combat" objects.

    Of course, the values that I've given on the front page of this mod were for summoning the best quality versions of these tenants (which would give out the best loot). It's possible to summon tenants with far less tiles getting filled up.
  15. SurfinDolphin

    SurfinDolphin Void-Bound Voyager

    Oh, thank you! Just a question.. are these tags supposed to be in-game? Because my Starbound still says Giraffe 3 and I get the feeling I'm out of date... regardless, I think I'll be installing the mod today. Hope I can get it to work with the version I have.
  16. Shadow Wolf TJC

    Shadow Wolf TJC Spaceman Spiff

    If you're encountering a lot of non-randomly-generated enemies like Gleaps and Poptops (both of which are found in Garden planets), then I believe that it's safe to say that you're running the latest stable version of Starbound, and that the mod should work perfectly fine.
  17. SurfinDolphin

    SurfinDolphin Void-Bound Voyager

    I checked the best I could, it says Glad Giraffe 3 on the starting screen (along with the mods). I also managed to successfully install the mod! Time to test it out on a new character. ;3

    Thanks for all the help though, I didn't know people on these forums were so helpful.
  18. Shadow Wolf TJC

    Shadow Wolf TJC Spaceman Spiff

    The mods should also work for existing characters. I know this because I've been using a single character while testing my mods.

    They should also work for an existing universe, since it shouldn't alter planet or universe generation.
  19. Victor_Zsasz

    Victor_Zsasz Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Alright, once I finish my apartment building, and finish punching in windows, I'm gonna try to spawn some NPCs. I've got the rooms big, (kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom) so that if NPCs give me quests to 'get this item, put it in here' I can. Though, I'm gonna have to law off Avians. Since they can ask for that HUGE emblem, which wont fit. Ah well, I can make a large apartment building with only avians. And If I'm gonna do that, I might as well, make one for each race.

    I just wanted to ask, if this still works like normal, add in enough race specific furniture for that race right? I'm guessing some have now various other variants which will spawn another type? Like if I wanted a shadow guy I'd use 'dark' furniture right? Or is there a full guide telling me what furniture is what?
  20. Shadow Wolf TJC

    Shadow Wolf TJC Spaceman Spiff

    If you want a tenant of a particular race, without resorting to filling up the room with race-specific furniture, then you'll have to deal with constantly spawning/despawning the tenant until the tenant's race is what you want. (Many tenants don't even offer a racial-specific variant, both in the main game, and in the Tenant Pack.)

    By "dark" furniture, I'm referring to the objects that you see from Midnight biomes. They all have a "dark" tag within them.

    For more information about which objects have which tags, I'd recommend checking out the Starbound wiki. It has a page on Tenants themselves, including information about their requirements (base-game only), as well as some information regarding which objects have which tags. Please note that the wiki is being updated with information from the Nightly build, which, sadly, isn't supported with the Tenant Pack.

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