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Bug/Issue Shared steam library leads to shared save game

Discussion in 'Support' started by Institor, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. Institor

    Institor Space Hobo

    Hello everyone,

    I found the following issue:

    A friend of mine and I both own the game. Since we started sharing our steam libraries through steam family sharing, I see her save game on my computer and I am able to load it without her every playing on my computer.

    I didn't yet verify if any changes that I make in the save game are being synchronised to her account, but I will try that tomorrow.

    I am not really sure if this is a bug within Stardew or Steam, but I haven't seen this happening in other games yet, which seems to point towards Stardew. Did anyone else encounter this issue?


    • ASInisterIon

      ASInisterIon Void-Bound Voyager


      Can confirm this has also happened to me, earlier this year. I have a shared library with the person who's saves I now have. We both own our own copies. Has there been a fix to this I missed, or any acknowledgement by concernedape? Is it something that can be fixed, or just something to be cautious of so as to not accidentally screw up a friends save? Either is fine, just looking for an answer one way or the other! :)

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