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    Kelyfos rhamfias ("Shelled Beak")
    A piscine flightless water bird indigenous to the Glunaught planet, Makazi. Their most distinct characteristics are their fish-like body mostly devoid of feathers and their turtle shell-like bills.

    At some point in Makazi's past, Shellbills were drastically different from their modern selves. They sported actual bird-like features, such as a feathered body and a longer wingspan. However, due to changes in their environment they had to adapt to survive solely in the water. Its body feathers were shed to reduce drag while swimming. Their wings developed into fins to allow better mobility when chasing prey in the rivers they inhabited. In the end, only its head plumage and legs remained untouched by evolution.

    Shellbills are omnivorous animals, not being too picky with what they stuff into their craws. Most of what they catch are waterborn creatures like fish, amphibians, and small reptiles. Their most favored meal are mollusks and shellfish, in which they utilize their massive bills to crack open their shells and suck out the delicacies. When hunting, Shellbills approach their prey much like how a heron or stork would: By standing perfectly still. Shellbills lack any visible eyes, so how this works sounds confusing to uninformed researchers. The answer however lies with its bill. Like how Earth crocodiles and alligators have sensors on their snouts to detect prey, Shellbills have similar sensors lining their bills. These sensors allow Shellbills to track even the slightest hint of movement in the water, giving them perfect timing with their strikes. On occassion, prey outmanuevers its predator and swims away. In these scenarios, the Shellbill has one of two options it can take. Either it ignores its escapee and continues waiting for other prey items, or it gives chase. The latter demonstrates the Shellbill's superb mobility in the water, in which most of its prey usually can't avoid. Unlike most water fowl, Shellbills swim more akin to fish (See Plesioth of the Monster Hunter series.) with their nostrils above the water. Apart from meaty food items, Shellbills also feed on vegetation growing close to their river homes. This veggie diet consists of the native crops like the Space Potato, Sand Berries, and Anemo. The Bundled Slugs in particular really make Shellbills pig out.

    Due to being technically blind and relying on sensors in the water, Shellbills are absolute klutz when it comes to land. This is one of the reasons why they avoid traveling too far away from their habitats. 90% of the time Shellbills are in the water, only coming onto land to find some plants to eat and to lay their eggs. Nests are comprised of rocks (and occasionally gems) piled together in a circle, bearing usually half a dozen eggs. The materials are gathered through their useful bills via digging up the stones like shovels. In the process, tasty grubs are also gulped down as a free snack. Glunaught observers often take gems from abandoned nests for personal use. Usually this method's a lot better than just mining in a cave all day. Plus, you get more sun!

    Despite being absolutely fearsome in the water (to their prey anyways), Shellbills are shy creatures and often flee at the sight of a taller being like the towering Glunaught natives. Their bills, while useful at cracking shells and carrying rocks, are not really meant for combat. Actual fights between their predators only occur when defending their nests in desperation. Unlucky Shellbills who venture too far onto land become sitting ducks to terrestrial carnivores.

    A Shellbill's fatty liver is a delicacy served in Glunaught culture. The foie gras ("fat liver") made from it is absolutely fulfilling to anyone lucky enough to consume it. Their bills are used as decorational ornaments, as their combat potential is limited (Note: Bills are fragile! Do not use as armor against swords or ammunition! You'll be sorry!). Apart from material commodities, some Shellbills have been tamed to be used as pets. Pet owners should remember to have a small body of water set aside for their Shellbills, as loud, repetitive bumping into walls is a common occurence in households with these birds as pets.

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