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  1. Frey Cloudseer

    Frey Cloudseer Cosmic Narwhal

    Hey guys, I just wanted to make a very quick suggestion that I think would be kind of cool, albeit incredibly unnecessary and useless if you think about it :rofl:. I would love if you could find a certain kind of mob on a planet that was all the same color, but a rare chance for one to have a different color. I think it would be a nice nod to a certain game involving capturing pocket monsters in small red and white spheres. It would probably be kind of ruined do to the fact that it is random generation, and although it is unlikely, you could find a planet with the exact same mob shape with just different colors than the other planet, but hey, it would still be cool to find a different colored mob, and have to have the dilemma of killing it and risking not finding one for a long time, or taking the effort to capture it and show it off. Maybe they could also have some sort of special ability that others of the species lack, just to make them a bit less pointless. But come on guys, imagine finding a planet full of flying robots that are all monochrome, and then finding one that is solid gold and red/blue with some sort of shock blast ability that the others don't have. Think Elite mobs in Risk of Rain.

    Thanks to Symphony for suggestions such as Albinos (white with red eyes), Gold and Silver ones (Name implies what they are, but have an occasional shine effect), and Shadow (Solid black, with slight transparency, leaves an afterimage). These have helped me come up with Crystalline versions (Basically the normal enemy but with its colors shifted more towards red, blue, and green, with a shine effect and transparency. As mentioned before, they are not just appearance changes, they get different effects in battle as well, perhaps shadow ones get higher chance to evade damage, crystalline ones have a chance to stun their enemies, and gold and silver ones gives you better prices in shops. Another idea for one is an Irradiated one, the rarest of all, and they have far more health, damage, stronger abilities, and defense, with a pulsing green glow effect. Their effects can include poisoning their enemies, or possibly something else. More suggestions for different types would be awesome!

    Thanks to all your feedback, I have ended up with the idea for Shiny Charms Shiny Charm.png , little drops that you can occasionally get from shiny mobs, and Effect Mobs, mobs that are similar to shinies, but instead of different colors and such, these have different effects surrounding them, be it fog, storm, wind, ice, fire, etc. The effects could be randomly generated and combined as well, perhaps ending up with a fire-wind combo that gives off little fire tornadoes, or ice storm, which rains down hail around. The effects would do nothing but aesthetic changes, and I think it could be a neat little feature. The effect mobs and shiny mobs would have a chance of dropping the Shiny Charms, the shiny ones simply effecting the color and such, while the effect mobs actually allow you to transfer the effects to your armor. These charms will be able to be combined with armor or vanity items (unsure of how just yet, perhaps it takes up the dye slot) and give them the same style as the mob had, be it shining effect, or the effect of the mentioned effect mob. This has gone very far off of simple shiny mobs, and I would love to see where it goes from here. Keep up those suggestions! EDIT Now with this idea, I also came up with Shiny Chips, similar to Shiny Charms, except they alter the effects of your weapons. With melee weapons, when an attack hits an enemy, it makes the effect appear, and with ranged weapons, whenever the projectile hits, the effect appears. As in, you shoot a penguin UFO with your Overrated Peashooter, and when the bullet strikes it, it makes a tiny whirlwind appear. It would solely be aesthetic, however in PvP it could confuse your enemy by thinking it is a strange status effect, distracting them. Again, awesome. Here is a mockup for it Shiny Chip.png .
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  2. Symphony

    Symphony Giant Laser Beams

    I like the idea, but like you said it might be silly since all monsters can come in tons of colors. Sooo instead, something awesome could be unique shinys, colors and effects that very rarely appear on monsters. For example, we could have albino rares, that are fully white. We could have golden rares, which emit small shine particles every now and then.(maybe silver too) and maybe even a shadow rare, which is just a pure black version of the mob with a slight transparency, and possibly emits a faint fog particle. That could make monster catching and trading much more exciting ;)

    I'd go into more depth and whip up some examples, but I'm at woork, boo
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  3. Frey Cloudseer

    Frey Cloudseer Cosmic Narwhal

    I like these ideas, maybe the shadow one leaves an afterimage, like the Blighted enemies in Risk of Rain, but not just gold/silver, maybe crystalline ones as well, with transparent glossy reds, blues, greens, etc.
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  4. Lunar Shrubbery

    Lunar Shrubbery Title Not Found

    Perhaps the creatures could be tinted with a sort of chrome, or opalescent shade. That way when seeing the mob, it'll be fairly obvious that it's a special type.
  5. Lord Kain

    Lord Kain Ketchup Robot

    Would be cool to get shiny mobs but have them similar to Etrian Oddessy, by giving them rarer drops and more xp then their standard colored siblings.
  6. Frey Cloudseer

    Frey Cloudseer Cosmic Narwhal

    Interesting... Rarer drops... That just gave me a somewhat odd idea, but stay with me: They can drop Shiny Charms, just little things that you can apply to your armor to make it sparkly or whatever the effect that the specific creature had. Eh? Eh? Snazzy right?
  7. Frey Cloudseer

    Frey Cloudseer Cosmic Narwhal

    Those could be a version, but it will be very clear when it is a shiny mob, as their specific appearance will not exist on normal mobs. Plus pretty much all of them have an effect on them that makes it clear to see, and now that I have thought up the Shiny Charm thing, it just gave me another idea. Effect mobs, mobs that have a certain particle effect surrounding them that they have a chance of dropping in charm form, which can then be applied to armor to give it the similar style of TF2's Unusual hats, with cool little effects that make your armor/vanity item even more unique.
  8. Lunar Shrubbery

    Lunar Shrubbery Title Not Found

    Now that last part isn't a bad idea. Like an unusual hat, this could serve as some sort of trophy, but I think I'd get confused by the fact that the effect has nothing to do with the armor, but more of the idea that you found, and slew a special mob. The charm would make sense too, it wouldn't be physically connected to the vanity, but affect it nevertheless.
  9. Frey Cloudseer

    Frey Cloudseer Cosmic Narwhal

    Perhaps it would add a small little visible charm on the player, like a necklace, and that is what it is coming from. It could even have an inspect option that says "It appears as though small holographic emitters are the cause of this interesting effect. They appear to use some form of technology used in ancient times, the 3D printer seems unable to scan the device for any schematic. I will keep it safe for now.". Perhaps when you put the charm on, it gives a slight blue flicker around the character to show that it is initializing the effect. Just to make it seem fitting, and not a "magical charm". I must say, I would use these on all of my armor. Perhaps it could be used to augment your weapons as well, although that could maybe be a different drop. MEGA SEGWAY INTO NEXT IDEA! I really should just start thinking and making all of these at once instead of introducing a new idea with every reply :p. There could be Shiny Gems or something similar, perhaps a different name, to prevent confusion. Holo Gem, maybe? Anyway, you could augment it to melee weapons, or perhaps guns, and it would give each swing/shot a different effect, although I can see how this could be strange with the guns, perhaps on impact it would apply only. I just realized something, I am writing all of this down without thinking, and then realizing the ideas I came up with after the fact. God I love my subconscious. Just think, you could add the little gem to your favorite sword, and whenever you hit your enemy, it would have a cool looking whirlwind effect around it. Or perhaps your guns, firing a rocket that explodes with ice on impact! Dear god I should really stop writing these really long replies.
  10. kidnamerock

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    beautiful idea
    anyone who says is bad
    has no childhood and hates pokemon

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