Bug/Issue Should I be able to dash while jumping?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Solster, Oct 17, 2018.

  1. Solster

    Solster Space Hobo

    I just got the Talaria Attachment, allowing me to dash. However, I have not found anything I can usefully do with it.

    If I maintained my dash momentum while jumping, I could clear the high barrier in the room below the one where I found the Talaria Attachment. That's exactly what appears to happen in this video at 13 minutes 34 seconds:

    But, if I jump while dashing, I lose my horizontal speed, so the dash doesn't allow me to jump any farther than I could without it.

    Am I missing an item that would give me this ability, or is this a bug?

    If it's relevant, I'm playing on Mac OS with keyboard controls.
    • LunarRayGames

      LunarRayGames Developer

      Have you tried Dashing, keep holding dashing while you jump?
      • Solster

        Solster Space Hobo

        Sorry, this turns out to be my error. When I assigned keyboard controls, I accidentally set the same key for jump and backdash. I moved them to separate keys and I can now do dashing jumps.

        Feature request: have the key mapper prevent silly people like me assigning multiple actions to the same button.
        • LunarRayGames

          LunarRayGames Developer


          Turns out speedrunners like having multiple actions tied to the same button. /shrug.

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