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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mollygos, Mar 9, 2016.

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    Year 8, I've redone the entire farm couple times, but now when I dont chase profit, I've found this to be fairly balanced. I produce basically everything yet the "daily" chores dont take more than 4-5 hours (unless it's start of the season of course).
    10 sheds
    3 in the north with Preserveing jars
    1 next to the coop with various machines to process animal products
    6 in the south with Kegs (since wines take lot of time)

    Please feel free to comment.

    • Venatio777

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      Well.... that's quite the accomplishment. Are you using any mods that prevent the floor from popping out eventually? That always annoyed me. Same with the fences. But this is pretty amazing, and it shows how bountiful the original map can be made to be.
      • ladymurasaki

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        The gold clock prevents debris and fence erosion so that may be the thing on his farm that's keeping it all stable. I thought lightning strikes made the paths pop up but iono, not really paying attention.
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        • Venatio777

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          Oh right, I had forgotten about that.
          • boudicathebrave

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            My second farm, Fall Year 2: Fiddlesticks Farm. My regular crops are in the top right and my vineyard is in the bottom left. Production is kind of scattered around, but the shed in the bottom right is halffull of kegs. I'm focusing on foraging this playthrough, but I can't help myself from dabbling in a little bit of everything else.


            I have a farm expansion mod and on it I have my barn, pumpkin patch, and forest (complete with mushrooms).

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            • christy98

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            • Zanthe

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              I made this beauty in the Stardew Valley Planner, it's a variation of my current farm which I posted here a while back. Once the multiplayer comes out of beta I'll be working on it through fall and winter and post the real deal here again. The 3 big wood spaces are for cabins, the small one off to the left is for a shipping crate and the crystal floors should have an arrangement of cryatalariums (Not sure why they didn't show up in the render).
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              • AdamGotStardrop

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                Good ol' New Leaf Farm. It's a mess, though I'm planning to renovate next Spring.

                • Aivarine

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                  Hey, Sorry how can i get that wood room partition in your living room and three legs camera(?) between wine and sea cucumber.
                  • wieselzwo

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                    Great screenshots, seems like a lot of playtime hours. How can the bushes and green floor been removed from the farm?
                    • Malou

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                      All your farms are so neat and amazing. I'm currently in fall year 2 and I still dont know what i really want my farm to look, but here's some snapshot from a rainy day

                      One day it will be super organized
                      • Mika134

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                        stardew.jpg I don't have a farm because I made a castle instead.
                        • JazeQ

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                          First farm and at 4th year

                            Attached Files:

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                          • Shana Stitches

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                            I really like how you sectioned off the crops yet left no wood gate. I've just sectioned off my new barns. Zooming out would be awesome.

                            Is that the crystal path? It looks like your just starting? I hope I am not wrong on that assumption. I just started using stone walls only on my barns, zero decorations. That's why I am looking at this thread.

                            Me too!
                            It's hard to decide how to decorate your farm when trying to make all friendships, fishing, the community center, mining, and if you have farm animals as well. I had a dream about my watering can handle breaking and i couldn't use it in the game anymore...... hahaha.... yes, this thread is addictive and I wanna take so many notes. Huge smiles, Hope your finding this thread useful for your game... not sure how far you are.
                            Shana signing out

                            Wow, how long did that take? Do they stay in they ground?

                            Idea's for pathways and what type of materials to purchase? I am not that great at decorating, traditional or unusual would be great, efficiency would be fabulous. :0)
                            I'm happy to see such great inspirations from this thread.
                            upload_2018-6-24_18-21-10.png upload_2018-6-24_18-21-47.png


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                              Please avoid double posting and use the edit function to make additions to your previous post.
                              I merged them.
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                              • Shana Stitches

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                                Merging, you talking about the double postings into one message?
                                I wanted to ask someone, I posted my several pictures of "show off your farm" and simply copied and pasted them in my comment, was that fine?
                                Thanks for the heads up, Still trying to get use to my first community forum.
                                • Hakuna Matata

                                  Hakuna Matata Big Damn Hero

                                  My latest farm, I'm quite happy with the result. This is year 3.

                                  All that is the grayish path looks prettier in game cause I've modded that flooring to look like grass. (Ingame screenshot below)

                                  @Shana Stitches ,
                                  Iridium sprinklers are super possible if you invest good part of your Iron in lighthing rods, and also a good part of your time foraging to unlock the recipe (level 6).
                                  A couple storms and you'll do just fine.

                                  Bowie Farm.png

                                  Bowie Farm House.png
                                  • Shana Stitches

                                    Shana Stitches Seal Broken

                                    Love the posting some of your farm, super cute. I just started re-organizing my chest for outside, two sprinklers, the water can takes forever.... and did my first lighting rod. Thanks so much for the tips. :0)
                                    • ricerobot

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                                      I'm about done with this file I think. Been a fun 3 years on this layout.
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