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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mollygos, Mar 9, 2016.

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      my current farm on ps vita edition recreated on stardew planner V2 and rendered with (thanks :) )
      summer year 5 : 6 sheds for vines ,2 sheds for pickles, 40 bee hives ,400 starfruit seeds ,1555 ancient seeds 2 pigs ,4 cows ,2 rabbit ,1 duck ,1 void chicken and 1 brown chicken

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        How did you make the rug so big? I must know!!
        • StarFruitBubbly

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          There's a subreddit dedicated to Stardew Valley farms and a lot of them are single shots of entire farms. Does anybody know how to do this?
          • Daedelon

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            Back to playing this game again after the Multiplayer version went live, although my friend is back to World of Warcraft's expansion Battle for Azeroth, I'm busy making my sci-fi crystal factory farm.

            I'm in Summer Year 13. 711 Crystalariums, 185 Statues of Endless Fortune and somewhere between 500-1000 Lightning Rods. After mining the statues every day (and every 5 days for the crystalariums), I farm Bat Wings on sunny days (for more Lightning Rods) and wait on thunderstorms to get more battery packs.

            NE farm

            SE farm

            NW farm

            SW farm

            Diamonds shipped

            • ephemeraltoast

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              I like to make "theme" characters because it makes thinking of names easier for me. So welcome to Purple Haze Farm, home of Violet, her dog Indigo, her horse Stardrop, her kids Amethyst and Iridium, and... Emily. Well, she loves purple gems.


              The shed in the lower right is the Museum of Purple. After a couple months of mining trips and changing her perks to get double geodes, the final Fairy Stone needed to complete the collection was finally acquired. I thought getting the purple varieties of the flowers would be the sticking point, but every single one of them came up purple on the first planting!


              Maybe the Statue of Perfection belongs in there too?? Anyway, I need one more row of bee houses and for the last pomegranate tree to reach maturity and then I think I'm done with this file. A good 3 years.

              • PsiCat

                PsiCat Void-Bound Voyager

                My current farm. Probably not the most optimized, but for a first time on the Hilltop farm I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

                My farm house.
                My guest cabin.
                And my sheds.
                [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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                  Wooooo, looking in this thread, I'm jelly! My farm is... vanilla rustic. :coffee: Real talk though, whenever I finish this run and get around to doing a second, I'm going aesthetic/farm land enlargement mod crazy. :kawaii:

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                  • Hakuna Matata

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                    The farm I'm currently working on, pretty much finished. This is year 4


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                    • Zosa

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                      oh jeez, i was thinking about sharing my farm after winter passes(the potted plants look dopey out in the snow and there is no grass atm) but these farms are so well put together i kinda feel like i would be put to shame with how simple mine is X''D i spent my first year raising money and building cobblestone paths
                      • Starbound Sailor Moon

                        Starbound Sailor Moon Industrial Terraformer

                        You should do it! Mines nothing that fancy, but I'm proud of it.

                        Decided to get a Winter shot, since the layouts easier to see without all the grass. Few changes, and probably going to enlarge my second garden area later. Simple but effective layout for running in a circle every morning at least!

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                        • Zosa

                          Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

                          yours shows a lot of effort so i am sure you totally are proud~
                          • IcesMoon

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                            I made this farm a long time ago and waited for the right time to show it again...

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                            • Sleeping Fox

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                              Here is the farm I am currently working on, which is named "Swan Farm":

                              Year 4 Fall.jpg

                              I often use movie, book or TV themes for my farms because it makes naming the animals easier. Since I picked the island map for this farm, I decided to make it "Lost" themed. My farmer is named Desmond and married to Penny (obviously), their kids are Charlie and Penelope, and they have a dog named Vincent. All animals are named after Lost characters, the house interiors are inspired by locations from the show, and Desmond's favourite thing is "the Numbers".

                              My Farmhouse, based on the Swan Station and the Staff nursery:


                              My Greenhouse ("The Orchid"), Log Cabin ("Jacob's Cabin") and Shed ("The Flame"):


                              One of my Lost themed chests:


                              My farm during the other seasons:

                              Year 4 Spring.jpg Year 4 Summer.jpg Year 4 Winter.jpg
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                              • Starbound Sailor Moon

                                Starbound Sailor Moon Industrial Terraformer

                                So, I am pretty much finished with my former farm having gotten into aesthetic:kawaii: mods and having a want to make something new. Here's the old one, and the new one! I'm excited and have quite a long ways to go. :lickitung: Farm.png essie.png
                                Ninja Edit: BJSCapsuleMod (think that's the name) for stone owl, day 12.
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                                • Nimeld

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                                  • Zosa

                                    Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

                                    ok, so i am going to preface this with an apology, i know my farm is kind of scruffy and the paths look really wibbly-wobbly but i already had pretty much had them(and my fruit/tap trees as well) laid down before i actually started planning anything. i may redo them year-three when i am not in such a crush but for now i like moving as fast as possible so i can be finished with my work before 2pm

                                    Farm.png FarmHouse.png

                                    also, in case anyone was wondering;

                                    i used this program to capture my farm and farmhouse;

                                    i made the furniture(with foggywizard helping lots on the code)

                                    hojichas made the walls&floors

                                    attitude rains made the farm map

                                    and eemie made the desat stardew
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                                    • Pressouu

                                      Pressouu Void-Bound Voyager

                                      Hi everyone :)

                                      So I've finally decided to post some pictures of my old Blossom Farm based on the gorgeous Omnifarm mod. I haven't played for a while but I spent a lot of time on this farm and i put my heart to build it. I use a lot of mods especially from Platonymous, Mi and Eemie so thank you so much for all your awesome work ! <3
                                      This is a big farm so there are many and various shed/factories, a lot of little hidden place and so. Hope you'll enjoy ! :nuruflirt:

                                      PS : so sorry for my english level i'm french :p

                                      PS 2 : There was a glitch with the export map mod with all of my shed interior, the floor and the wall are all the same in the picture but in my game they are completely differents (most of them have wood floor and white wall... so please try to imagime them like that lol)

                                      OmniFarmFallYear2-3 blossom Farm1.png

                                      OmniFarmFallYear2Night on halloween night1.png

                                      OmniFarmSpringYear3-1 avec légende1.png


                                      All interiors Stardew.png

                                      Oops i made a mistake with the word "floor" i mean "flour" of course ^^' :p
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