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    Every level and cutscene is being remade. Meaning that this will not be released any time soon.

    Just like the normal Wargroove campaign. Some levels are harder than others, some levels are easier than others and side-quests.

    For now, these are the only things this has:
    -25+ maps.
    -11+ side-quests.
    -A satisfying amount of cutscenes.
    -Some special levels.
    -Outlaws. I mean, who didn't like them?
    -3+ border/castle/fortress attack levels. (In case you like besieging.)
    -Special backgrounds, props, and decorations. Using Unlock Hidden Map Editor Contents mod.

    -Changed most of the post, fixed some grammar issues.

    To do:

    2 editions of the campaign: Classic and Player Presence & Tutorial edition.

    The dialog may not be so good. (It may not fit the character's personality, it may not be short enough, etc.)
    You will be able to play the campaign without the mod, as it just unlocks the props and doesn't add/remove anything.
    No download or anything because it's still a Work In Progress. (WIP)
    You will be able to edit the entire campaign, from levels to cutscenes, events and anything in general.
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      20+ maps is pretty ambitious, how long did this take you?

      Don't stress out too much over getting character dialogue "just right", as long as you get the general character traits right(Nuru is upbeat, sigrid is condenscending, mercia is really generic). You're telling your own story anyway, so you can show sides of the character that suit your own interpretation of them.
      • sdfghj

        sdfghj Void-Bound Voyager

        2-3 days. 2-4 hours a day.
        I know I shouldn't be anxious about making it perfect, but I want to. I do try not to stress, bu it's impossible as other people will also be able to see and play it. As for the character traits, I'm working on it.
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