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  1. ADoby

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    PLEASE Remove this Thread
    New Thread (because of mod release)


    Simple Sprinkler changes the way sprinkler water your soil.
    You can chose between patterns and configure the range of the three sprinklers.

    Currently available pattern (sample with first sprinkler):

    Download Version 1.2:
    Required: [SMAPI OR STORM]
    Download SimpleSprinkler on GitHub

    Updating from 1.0 to 1.1:
    The config does not update completely,
    If you would like to use SimpleSprinkler in the Greenhouse see beneath for Configuration

    1. Install ModAPI (Link above)
    2. [SMAPI] Place SimpleSprinkler.dll in %APPDATA%/StardewValley/Mods folder
    3. [SMAPI] Start "StardewModdingAPI.exe"

    Start the ModdedGame once:
    Config will be generated into "<GameFolder>/Mods/SimpleSprinkler/Config.ini"

    Locations = Farm,Greenhouse
    This will limit the locations in which this mod works, if you don't want to
    have Simple Sprinkler active in the Greenhouse just remove it (and the ,)

    SprinklerConfiguration = 599/2,621/3,645/5
    This can be used to either change the range of the sprinklers or
    to add even more objects to have them behave like sprinklers.
    e.g. you could add the scaregrow to this list and it will behave just like a sprinkler :D
    Format: objectID/Range
    SprinklerConfiguration = 599/2,621/3,645/5,8/100
    This will add the scarecrow as a sprinkler with a range of 100

    CalculationMethod = 2
    This can be used to change the pattern of the sprinklers.
    0 = Vanilla
    1 = Box
    2 = Circle

    Found on GitHub

    Current Known Bugs or missing Features:

    Suggested pattern:
    None yet

    Donations through Patreon possible, If you want.
    Expect more mods and updates when donating.
    More mods are in planning phase.
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    • Ultimuh

      Ultimuh Phantasmal Quasar

      Do you plan to increase the range of the other sprinklers?
      • ADoby

        ADoby Subatomic Cosmonaut

        I changed the way all three sprinklers are calculated.
        All three sprinkler ranges can be changed in the config.
        (default: 2, 3, 5)
        • Yunix

          Yunix Big Damn Hero

          There is a other mod like this in the cheat section, and it sucks. But yours is right what i was hope for!
          Thanks for this awesome mod!
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          • ADoby

            ADoby Subatomic Cosmonaut

            Thanks for encouraging, If you have any suggestions for mods, please tell us.
            • Yunix

              Yunix Big Damn Hero

              Well, there is one thing i realy wish.
              I love to run around with my horse, and i use alot of fence (im more into a nice barn instead of efficency). But when ever i try to pass
              a fence gate with my horse i keep jumping down from it a few times before im able to open/close the fence gate.
              If you could do a mod that changes the key for the horse use or for the fence gate use while on horse, that would be so awesome!
              I dont know if its possible to do, but if so... :pwease:
              • ADoby

                ADoby Subatomic Cosmonaut

                I don't think that this is possible, at least at the current status of modding api.
                (If you don't want to hack the game even more)
                It wouldn't be easy at least.
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                • Yunix

                  Yunix Big Damn Hero

                  Oh, thats... grrr.
                  Well, thanks for telling me.
                  Maybe Storm will make it possible if it gets a stable public release.
                  I won't quit my hope on that for now... :laugh:
                  • Nohicom

                    Nohicom Void-Bound Voyager

                    How do I set this up to work inside the Greenhouse? Right now it doesn't seem to, which bugs me quite a bit.
                    • ADoby

                      ADoby Subatomic Cosmonaut

                      In the config, you can add each location by name. If the greenhouse is named greenhouse in the game es well ;) just change "Farm" to "Farm,Greenhouse" . I will go add that to the default config tonigt
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                      • clickeddaisy

                        clickeddaisy Big Damn Hero

                        are you gonna mkae a storm version aswell because you have linked to the storm api?

                        nvm i see now that its wip, i thought at first that it meant that the api was wip. i have not had enough coffee (or maybe too much)
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                        • Anaxagoras

                          Anaxagoras Void-Bound Voyager

                          There's a typo in the generated config, it says "UseCiruclarCalculation = true". Does the code also call for the typo'd variable, or should I correct it in order for it to be properly read?
                          • ADoby

                            ADoby Subatomic Cosmonaut

                            The STORM version is nearly done (all code done)
                            But STORM API does not seem to contain any method of getting an objects parentSheetIndex (its ID) and the developer seems to ignore my question.

                            The current released version does reflect the typo.
                            In fact the config is generated by code, thus spelling mistakes do not break anything :D

                            Changelog of Version 1.1 (Will Release Tonight (CET))
                            Spelling Mistake fixed (will update old configs)
                            Greenhouse added to default config
                            (If STORM developer reply to my question) STORM release
                            • Anaxagoras

                              Anaxagoras Void-Bound Voyager

                              Awesome, thanks. Good work.
                              • clickeddaisy

                                clickeddaisy Big Damn Hero

                                cool, i hope that @Handsome Matt answers your questions
                                • Sharkivore

                                  Sharkivore Astral Cartographer

                                  Changing it to "Farm,Greenhouse" works as far as making it work in the greenhouse. Adding that to the base config would be amazing though. I'm not a Coder/Modder, and this isn't a jab at you or anything, but why not include it in the base one, or why specify it at all? Does the game code force you to do so?
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                                  • ADoby

                                    ADoby Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                    I just didn't know about greenhouse before creating the mod. I didn't play through the game yet.

                                    As for why not hardcoding it. Thats my preference. hard coding is a bad coding behaviour used by beginners in programming.
                                    It can intruduce hard to debug errors because you will have to search for plain text in code instead of refefences which can be debugged across multiple files.
                                    For a bonus this allows users like you to easily modify a lot more and even fix my errors doesn't it? :)
                                    If i had hard coded it I would have had to update and everyone else had to download a new version.

                                    Edit: as i wrote at the top greenhouse will be added to the default config in version 1.1
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                                    • Sharkivore

                                      Sharkivore Astral Cartographer

                                      Makes perfect sense. Thanks for explaining everything :D
                                      • Yunix

                                        Yunix Big Damn Hero

                                        Thats the style how mods should be done! Easy to config even for noobs like me.
                                        • ADoby

                                          ADoby Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                          Version 1.1 is out, no STORM support yet
                                          Greenhouse will not be auto added to a already generated config
                                          So if you upgrade and didn't yet add greenhouse to your config, do so (description in main post)

                                          I changed the layout and workings of the config a little bit.
                                          It now lets the user define sprinklers by adding an ID and Range to the List, instead of a final number of sprinklers.
                                          This will possible be only usefull by the time mods can add their own items with IDs and such.
                                          But for now, just try to add the scaregrow for example :D (it should water soil around it)

                                          The new way calculationmethods are saved lets me add a nearly unlimited number of different patterns.
                                          So if someone has an idea, tell me :p

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