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Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Raizera, Jun 27, 2018.

  1. Raizera

    Raizera Space Hobo

    Hi there,

    I own for some time now. Today my Sister got the Game and we wanted to play together.

    But sadly I see no possibility of playing my Singleplayer Map together with her...

    So am I just blind or cant you play your Singleplayer Map in Multiplayer?
    • UnexpectedParole

      UnexpectedParole Phantasmal Quasar You need to have opted into the beta to be able to multiplayer. (I assume you had, just figured I put it out there for others reading who don't have your exact situation.)
      2.nd, I am not 100% sure, but I believe you can in a single player game go to Robin, and have here construct a farmhand hut on your farm.
      There are 3 kinds which have different costs but it is purely style / art there is no functional difference.

      Without looking at the wiki for exact amounts,
      The cost is small, like 100 gold and less than 100 wood. -one includes stone cost and the other fiber.
      But all are instant builds. Maybe you can get a farmhand in a single player game after building one?

      I think you can.. sorry if this was not definitive help. but you should easily be able to check her shop for farm buildings you can build and see if they are there.
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      • Raizera

        Raizera Space Hobo

        Thx for the fast answer ^^

        well ofc we both have the beta but when one of us wants to open a session we cant chose the map is a new one
        • UnexpectedParole

          UnexpectedParole Phantasmal Quasar

          So, walk me through this.

          You started a single player game in the beta.
          Saved it and decided you wanted to play with your sister.

          Did you then load your game on your account, -from the load game icon -
          and have Robin build you a farmhand cabin? then save and exit?

          Did you then load your map from the co-op icon ?

          From inside the game in coop mode, you should be able to go to settings and find and invite code. And or a place to invite a friend. Granted I guess that is for playing wireless, maybe it doesn't apply to LAN and I'm useless for you here, especially not in front on my machine..

          hope some-one else knows more than me. cheers

          I looked here and found this. I think you may have already tried this, but I dunno ?

          5. LAN

          For the final method, you must both be on the same network, i.e. behind the same router.

          Launch the game and host your farm through the co-op menu as usual. When the game is loaded, find out your computer’s IP address. Note that you should use your computer’s actual IP, not the Internet-visible IP that websites see. This means checking your computer’s settings. Googling ‘whats my ip’ won’t give you the right result.

          Once you have your IP address, your friend should open the co-op menu, click the ‘Join LAN game’ button and type it there.

          Neither of you need to be signed in with Steam/GOG in order to do this, however the ‘Accept IP connections’ setting does need to be on.

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