RELEASED Siv's Marriage Mod - Wizard And/Or Sandy Only 1.0

Allows you to marry the Wizard and/or Sandy

  1. foggywizard

    foggywizard Big Damn Hero

    Someone has requested I add your changes to my new, updated version of Siv's. May I have permissions to integrate them into the mod?
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    • .Lavender.

      .Lavender. Pangalactic Porcupine

      Feel free!
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      • LillieVela

        LillieVela Aquatic Astronaut

        I have no idea if this is even working. I followed the directions and all that, but when i go to marry the wizard (I am using a CP wizard to witch mod, may be issue?) and the wizard just says "Hah, funny joke." What am i doing wrong?
        • foggywizard

          foggywizard Big Damn Hero

          If it's this one, then it includes changes to NPC dispositions. It changes the full entry, not just the Name field. And because of that, any previous changes to that entry will be completely be overwritten, including having made Wizard dateable.

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