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Do you like the character customization?

  1. I love how my character looks! Don't change it!

  2. No, my farmer doesn't look like me

  1. OCracks

    OCracks Aquatic Astronaut

    May be complicated to add, but maybe in Stardew Valley an option to make, share, and upload skins of the player's farmer similar to how players can in Minecraft
    • I <3 Garrus

      I <3 Garrus Lucky Number 13

      I think I've seen some mods on Nexus that sort of do that? Like someone made a character from a video game or TV show and then offered a mod for others to download. It would be pretty cool to have an easier way to do that, or like to keep other outfits in a closet in game that other people posted a code for or sent to you via such a code... sort of like in Animal Cross New Leaf with the QR code system.
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      • Simmili

        Simmili Void-Bound Voyager

        It would be nice of course to customize our avatar the way we want. But one thing I really miss in the game is to be able to change clothes or my hairstyle etc. It's d be nice I think to have a wardrobe or maybe a mirror to quickly change our appearance once in a while...?
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        • AdmiralCatbuns

          AdmiralCatbuns Space Spelunker

          Unless I'm mistaken, that can all be accomplished once you've reached high enough hearts with the wizard. You can go in his basement and change your appearance.
          • Lilliput

            Lilliput Supernova

            True, but, the wizard charges quite a bit for that and as you've said, you have to earn the social trust for him to let you do that. In addition there's only so many hairstyles and accessories, it's sometimes hard to get your avatar looking quite how you really want it to. To RP being able to change outfits, the hats are really the only thing the player can swap around at will.

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