Mob Skurry - So cute until it tries to suck you dry...

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    The Skurry

    Pestilence is the most undesirable occurrence, but even more unfortunate when you bring it home because it seems cute... only to find out it reproduces drastically and asexually, with simple precursors to spark the breeding process.

    Enter, the Skurry. Believed to have originated on a dark planet full of cute cuddly things, it is now widespread throughout the galaxy. The most problematic thing about these little guys is their rapid reproductive rate, which is accelerated by a combination of water and light. First a Skurry must reach a maturity age to be able to reproduce. Then, after quenching one's thirst, a Skurry only needs to enjoy a bit of ultraviolet light to undergo a sort of mitosis; thereby splitting into two smaller pests. After being picked up by a space explorer, one of these critters can quickly expand its reign to claim a large territory and the fast paced reproductive behavior only helps these little furry pests excel at trekking across the galaxy.

    The small cuddly looking critters seem like they would make handsome pets, except for their love of shiny things and their intense "thirst." Primarily, they have been known to collect traveler's treasure, especially the Pixels an explorer has worked so hard to accrue. Constantly thirsty, these little guys flock to sources of water and with their vast numbers can drain a water supply quite quickly. Though stagnant sources of moisture are preferable, a bounty of these little pests have been known to suck a person dry, by overwhelming their master with cuddles and extracting all moisture from the body. This is especially dangerous, considering that these critters seem to travel in packs whenever possible, conveniently called a "fluff" by the few adventures who have survived the occasion.

    Though they are pretty much happy little fur balls, they use their super soft coat to wick moisture from all sources and then bask in the sunlight. A simple evolutionary motive of moisture and light makes it nearly impossible to get rid of an infestation once a single Skurry gets into the home.

    Pixels [common] - Since they strive to collect shiny things and water
    Skurry Furr [very rare] - Due to the reproductive ability of the pest, it's fur has great healing properties when in the presence ultraviolet light or water. (mix with water for a super health potion, or maybe combine enough of it to create a regen item that gives a little life after x amount of time when in sunlight, stackable!)
    Shiny Trinket [rare] - Gives a random buff?

    On any planet with light and water. Could be a common enemy and considering their simple evolutionary design have an abundance of forms (fur length, color, size). Due to the high reproductive nature, it would only make sense that they have a fast evolutionary cycle. This would allow them to quickly adapt to the native colors, or maybe even texture, of the environment.

    Spawn Rate/Spawning Conditions
    The mob will either individually or in a small pack (3-4). If in the presence of water and light, mob can split into smaller ones to form two. Three total size tiers; large (splits into medium), medium (splits into small). This would allow for a nice bit of Skurry variety.

    No mana, energy, or armor.

    Health should scale depending on the size of the Skurry. Large having the most health and small having the least.

    Hops and rolls along the ground. When it is rolling, it can move very fast, due to the fur acting as a friction force to grip almost any surface (including walls and ceilings, roll all over the place). Hopping would be less likely.


    A Skurry attacks a player by trying to "leach moisture." Thus the Skurry, especially bad in packs, will hop at the player or roll up the player and then make a sponge like move (think expansion/contraction) as it begins leaching.

    As with health, damage will scale with the size of the Skurry.

    A super unique thing could be after it attacks you, you can knock it off you by swinging or doing a melee or something (no damage to the Skurry). After a successful attack, if in light, the Skurry would then instantly begin to reproduce (mitosis taking a second or so to allow for balancing). This way, if you let a "fluff" get a grip on you, you could be in serious trouble quite quickly!

    Concept Image

    A Heat Skurry, found near lava or in very warm areas. Just a quick pixel drawing of one of many possible varieties. REMEMBER, FURRY BUT DEADLY!!! :mwahaha:


    When I thought of these guys, I was thinking they could be quite small in size. So really easy to deal with if you came across just a few of them. Then I got to thinking, you could kind of use them like a gamble. Let it breed and amass a large "fluff" that could be wiped out to collect some Pixels (and hopefully one of the rare items). The gamble is that once they start reproducing, they can do it at an extremely fast rate, so it could quickly get too large to handle. Especially considering the reproduction after attacking you.

    My Inspiration
    - Gremlins, especially Gizmo
    - Those dust poofs from "Spirited Away"
    - Dustball on my kitchen floor
    - My cat, super cuddly yet he always seems like he is out to get me :catface:
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    Yea, messed up on it, just fixed it. Should be showing now. It is really small because I made it pretty quick... Glad you like the idea though!:cool:
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    The concept reminds me a little bit of tribbles.
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    When I saw that picture this first came in my mind first "What is that?"
    Then I look closer and remind me a pokemon
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    Now that I think about it... it does kind of look like that tangly one... Tangela??

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