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  1. C540

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    Can we please make the skyrail bumper wireable so that it acts like a normal rail if no power is going to it but bumps the platform back if there is power? Right now the only solution to reverse a platform direction is to put a switch in to place a bumper 2 blocks out to the side to reverse an up direction and 3 blocks diagonally down for a down reversal (the 2 block straight out doesn't work for a down reversal as it just follows gravity). This makes it really annoying to put automatic doors for a lift as you can't have a uniform straight line rail for the lift which you would be able to have if the bumpers could just have the option to be powered!

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  2. Masiakasaurus

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    The maddening part is that the bumper is the only type of specialty rail that isn't wired.

    I'd also like to point out that I find the rails to be...inconsistent. I have an elevator in my base that uses rail switchers to control whether the platform is allowed to go up or not. About one time in ten it will jump the rail anyway despite the switcher being unpowered.

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