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Sleep glitch on switch.. different from others

Discussion in 'Support' started by graceless0ne, Mar 2, 2021.

  1. graceless0ne

    graceless0ne Space Hobo

    I am stuck on day 1 of winter year 4 on my main Stardew account (on my switch). I googled for hours and all I could find that was similar was the glitch in 2017 where people moved items in their chests/fridge or didn’t upgrade their tools and could continue playing just fine. I’ve tried all of that, resetting my switch, clearing up storage on my switch just in case it wanted more room to save, etc. Every time I go to bed it makes the usual click noise and goes black (takes longer than usual it seems like) and then completely crashes with the error message “the software was closed because an error occurred.” This doesn’t happen with any of my other farms. Please help, I’m desperate :( I haven’t been playing multiplayer at all either, I know some people had issues with that but it shouldn’t apply to mine unfortunately. Looking through the already posted guide to fix the issue also did not help due to it being on my switch unfortunately.

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