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    Xenostegas laspterax ("Strange Roofed Monster")
    A deadly monstrosity created from the merging of several smaller slime-like creatures. The entirety of a Slithanos' body is a translucent green, sticky to the touch, tipped at the top of its head with a red-tinted whip. Lining its back and body are varying sizes of obsidian plating, which also comprises what it's skull is made out of. Its jaws (not to be confused with the section between its whip and head) lack teeth, instead having a structure similar to bony fish like the extinct Earth life form, Dunkleosteus. Apart from its whip, it lacks any visible limbs.
    Above: Diagram of a Slithanos' skull.
    Slithanos are a rare sight, even to the point of where most of its lifestyle remains a complete mystery. It can be found in nearly any planetary habitat, excluding areas of extremely high temperatures (Its body structure isn't suited for hot climates.). While not necessarily a fast creature, its sheer size is enough to put off most threats (if any). This size varies depending on the amount of slimes that merged together to form it. In this fused state, all of the creatures are treated as one entity. When thoroughly threatened from assault, Slithanos ejects some of the smaller slime-like creatures to attack or disorient the target. Once the threat is dealt with, the ejected creatures merge once more with the main body.

    On any of the habitats it occupies, Slithanos is a hypercarnivorous super predator. It lassos distant prey items with its whip, severely wounding it by sawing it to bits with the plates lining its whip/head, then crushing its bones completely with its obsidian skull. The entire carcass is then absorbed through its slime exterior, divided equally among the creatures that make up its form as the meal is disintegrated. Most physical assaults end up trapping the offenders within its gelatinous body frame, further dooming them for punishment (or immediate digestion). Despite its formidable nature, Slithanos do not take well to heat and will succumb to it faster than when attacked with usual weaponry. Upon death, the main body melts into a slush while some of the smaller slime creatures attempt to escape in a frenzy.

    The slime-like substance of a Slithanos' body is a great glue substitute, usable on many different materials. A refreshing beverage (if one could call it that) can be made from this material as well, although it is consumed solely on specific occasions (for obvious reasons left to your imagination).

    Boss Information

    Above: Walls ain't got nothing on me.
    • Passively, Slithanos ejects little slimes to attack the players fighting it. While not necessarily powerful, they swarm quickly!
    • Each direct hit ejects slimes from its body. Rapid-fire users beware!
    • Mini slimes upon death do not drop anything, making farming for materials a futile effort. Aim for the main target if you want the spoils!
    • Slithanos attacks distant players with its serrated whip, drawing them into close range combat! Watch out!
      • Note: Think you're safe behind that wall, or above that ceiling? Think again. Should an obstacle get in the way, Slithanos WILL smash through it to grab ya.
    • Up close, Slithanos delivers a nasty bite to whoever's stupid unfortunate enough to be in front of it.
    • Fire-based weaponry is more effective than other weapons at dealing with Slithanos. Damage output is lower, but slime spawning is reduced significantly.
    Slime Bubble - "An everyday adhesive substitute. Stains clothes."
    Obsidian Shard - "A peculiarly-shaped volcanic rock. Sharp, perfect for the forging of blades."
    Glu'be Shake - "Quenches the soul, keeps the mouth shut (Literally.)!"

    My first legitimate boss suggestion lol (well, some of my other suggestions could be considered as such but...). Might revise some information as I'm not completely satisfied with how it was written out.

    Sprites coming soon! Comments?
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  3. Zoolot

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    Dragonith, why isn't every single one of your suggestions in Starbound?
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  4. pankakeman

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    I like it, good backing and nice info as well as the mechanics on how to kill it. I'd like to see this in-game. A nice drop would be a little Jelly Swarmer thingo of your own.
    I'd like that.X3
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  5. I really like this, 'cause it forces players who usually just spam an overpowered gun to stop and think tactically.
  6. Both well-thought an astoundingly drawn suggestion.
    As always:)
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  7. Fire weapons should do less damage than normal weapons*, but when he's hit by them, he doesn't spawn slimes like he would with regular weapons.

    *Since he IS made of liquid after all.
  8. Deathskull

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    Nice, but what happens if someone makes a platform, high above it, then makes a hole they can't be pulled through and just shoots down with little/no danger of being hit by the boss? I think it should be able to jump high, crawl over surfaces as if they were flat ground and "seep" through blocks to prevent people from just trapping it somewhere it can't hit them.
  9. A liquid that doesn't take fire too well (think along the lines of oil, but not as combustable). But, I'll edit that into its general weaknesses.

    Well, if its TOO HIGH above it, there's nothing I can really do to fix that. However, just for the sake of simple programming, I made a little edit here. :)

    Thanks for the feedback, folks! Here's an update for ya all:
    Boss Information and Commodities have been updated.~
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    Glad I found this, it looks amazing. I want this. :) Good work as always.
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  11. MasterofKittens

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    So is it just a random spawn? Also, those tiny slimes are adorable. I want it as a pet.

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