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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Dostic, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. Dostic

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    Hi everyone
    I once played on a small farm map and I was really pleased with having to manage myself in limited space and still try to make a proper farm but the map is not working in 1.3 and I'm having a hard time even finding a way to install it and it seems like it won't be working anyway since it's not made for 1.3.
    If anyone would be willing to make a new small map like this one or change it so I can play it on 1.3 (preferably in a CP) I would be really gratful.
    I don't have any map making experience so I don't know how hard of a request this is.
    This is the map I'm talking about
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    • sheetcakeghost

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      These will replace the Forest (Foraging) map in your game. I highly recommend using Content Patcher so that you don't need to override any xnbs. You only need one of them.

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      • Dostic

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        I never saw this since I thought I lost my account details but thank you very very much if you still see this.

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