[SMAPI] Achievements Stopped Unlocking

Discussion in 'Mods' started by macaro0n, Jul 23, 2018.

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    I have already noticed it since four to five days ago after I was supposed to unlock the achievement "Best Friend".
    And It just happened again just now; I was supposed to get "Popular" achievement but it doesnt show up on my Steam profile!
    And yes I understand about the %command% and I have been using it since I started playing (second attempt) until "Best Friend" and "Popular" achievement failed to show up.
    I'm aware from now on I wont get any achievements even though I have unlocked them in game, I need help. Please.

    Update :
    I tried to play it on different game, the achievement still wont pop up.
    I hope it'll be fixed so I can stop worrying about future's achievements...
    Update #2 :
    I tried this but Steam achievements still dont pop up.. argh! x[
    Update #3 :
    I had this problem before when SMAPI on Steam and Steam Overlay didnt work,
    I've fixed my Steam Overlay but now the achievements arent syncing.
    Update #4 :
    I ran my game from StardewModdingAPI.exe instead of Steam library, the achievements has popped up.
    But I cant use Steam Overlay aka I cant take Screenshot while I play.

    Its either Achievements wont sync or I cant use Steam Overlay
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