RELEASED [SMAPI] AllProfessions--Don't choose! Get every profession leveling up!

Discussion in 'Cheats' started by cantorsdust, Mar 23, 2016.

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      Hope this still works with 1.1 ^^'
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        I just hit fishing level 10, and my crab traps no longer needed baiting nor caught trash. So it seems to be working fine. If you hit 10 and see trash, it's cause you caught it the same night you gained the level. I initially thought it hadn't worked until I waited one more day and they were now how they should be.
        • Cider

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          Yup, the mod is 100% compatible with 1.1, I tried every profession at maxed and get all the bonuses
          • kusakat

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            I am curious how it calculates your earnings if you have both rancher and artisan perks, like when I ship cheese, does it give me the 20% bonus from rancher or the 40% bonus from artisan? Does it just compound the bonus into a 60% mega bonus, because that would be awesome yet naughty, lol. I mean, I'm sure I could answer this myself if i actually read the itemized invoice every night when the game saves, but I just thought I'd find out how it was intended to work first. Thanks for the awesome mod, btw, really helped me, I accidentally picked the forester path instead of gatherer when I first started playing and I thought my save was ruined, but now I can still have iridium level truffles AND get hardwood from normal trees <3
            • springacres

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              A very belated thank you for this mod! Here's hoping it continues to work with future SDV/SMAPI updates.
              • Pathoschild

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                All Professions 1.2-beta is now available!

                This mod is now maintained by the community, and this is the first official community update. Changes in this release:
                • Updated for SMAPI 1.9 and Stardew Valley 1.2.
                • Internal refactoring.
                Feedback, suggestions, and bug reports are welcome here. The non-beta version will be released once Stardew Valley 1.2 is out of beta. :)

                [Edit 2018-01-25: community mods discontinued.]
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                  I have a question. When choosing a profession further down the line, does it give you all 4 of the perks for level 10 (since it branches off if you say pick rancher instead of tiller) Or does it only give you the two choices that you can pick from once it branches off? Because for some reason everytime I load my game, the skills I chose are completely different from whats being displayed. Which means the actual branch of skills I wanted to pick becomes something completely different. I chose Tiller, which would also give me rancher. Once I loaded my game, it said I chose rancher, and once I hit level 10, I had to pick one of the 2 rancher skills instead of the Tiller skills that I wanted. Just want a little clarification on this little "bug" (maybe its a bug?)
                  • Pathoschild

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                    @Sodyaler: you'll get every profession for that level (including those in the other profession branch). The game won't show the extra ones, but you can check your save file to confirm.
                    • cocodojo

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                      I wish there's a toggle for at least the trash in crabpot section, I actually like getting freebie refined quartz due to how many pieces of junk I'm catching in the pots overnight. A few free torches, a bit of wood, maybe a cloth once in a while, but refined quartz was definitely a bonus.
                      • springacres

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                        I wish this were possible too. Especially for those like me who use Automate. The occasional free coal and ore are nice too. Gonna miss that once I hit level 10 on my current save.
                        • cocodojo

                          cocodojo Void-Bound Voyager

                          Yeah, I'm using Automate* as well as Chests Anywhere mods, so its really nice to get refined quartz for free through everything working together. If it wasn't for just that one little quirk of the lvl 10 perk, I'd totally get this mod.
                          • Xuomi

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                            Does this mod still work?
                            • DragonDreads

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                              yes. or you could use the link provided by Xuomi to learn how to edit your save game file to add or remove professions yourself without a mod
                              • Pathoschild

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                              • Xaaci

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                                +1 for option to turn off mariner skill
                                • Pathoschild

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                                  You can change which professions get added in the upcoming All Professions 1.4, by editing a new data.json file. That won't remove the profession if you've already gained it, but you can use CJB Cheats Menu to remove it in existing saves.

                                  • Pathoschild

                                    Pathoschild Cosmos Killer

                                    All Professions 1.4 is now available!

                                    Release notes:
                                    • Updated for Stardew Valley 1.3 (including multiplayer).
                                    • Added data.json to let players override which professions are assigned.

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