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    Adds a dresser with a mirror to the bedroom in each of the farmhouse upgrades. You can right click on the dresser to open up a Character Customization menu that let's you change your appearance. Additionally, about 110 new accessories have been added (they are mostly lipsticks and blushes).




    This is another mod brought to you by Advize and Jinxiewinxie. This mod has generously been updated by Pathoschild to make it compatible with SMAPI 1.12.

    Version 3.43 requires SMAPI 1.12 and Stardew Valley 1.2.26+ (and, because of all the fancy Favorites menu changes, you may need to delete any old config and psconfig files inside the mod's folder)

    It adds a dresser with a mirror to the bedroom in each of the farmhouse upgrades. You can right click on the dresser to open up a Character Customization menu that let's you change your appearance. Additionally, about 110 new accessories have been added (they are mostly lipsticks and blushes).

    You can also choose to hide the dresser in the config options and just open the menu using they C button on your keyboard (or another key that you set in the options).

    Here's a video showing the mod in action:

    Download Here on the Nexus (just click the file name or "download manually". Ensure you are using SMAPI 1.12 or above.

    Installation Instructions:
    • Download the mod
    • Extract the archive
    • Go to where your Stardew Valley game files are installed
    • Add the folder inside the Mods folder
    To use:
    Just start your game using StardewModdingAPI.exe, and a config file will be created when you first load up the game. You can walk up to the dresser and right-click on it to open the Character Customization menu, or you can just press "C" on your keyboard by default. You can change which keybind to use to open the menu in the Config file.

    You can choose to hide the dresser completely by changing

    "showDresser": true,

    to be "showDresser": false,

    You can also edit the appearance of the dresser by finding the dresser.png image in the overrides folder and editing it to your liking.

    Additionally, if in the base farmhouse without any upgrades you're using another mod that let's you have a stove in the same corner where the dresser is meant to go, you can change

    "stoveInCorner": false

    to be

    "stoveInCorner": true

    and you'll see the dresser is moved a few tiles to the left so that you can have both the dresser and the stove.

    This mod now incorporates many other mods, whose creators have given me permission to include them.

    -Thank you to Alex_01 for allowing me to include the skirt and shoe mods that were included in their Skirt/Dress for Male or Female Farmer & Round Face for Males mod. A second big thank you for permitting me to include the new Feminine Female Farmer base (which I've incorporated as the 3rd shoe type for females)

    - Thank you to RuneNL for permitting to include the skirt options that they've created in their Female Lowcut Shirts & Miniskirt mod and their Long Dress mod. I also used their base-body for some shoe references that are included in my mod.

    - Thank you to Meevers for letting me include the shorts options that they created for their Shorts for Ladies mod. I used their base body as reference for my body edits and edited their ladies shorts to fit nicely on the male farmer.
    Version 3.1
    - Updated for 1.1
    - Added the ability to store and use Favorites (6 Favorite slots available) and an additional 30 saved "outfits" that you can use to store more favorites
    - Added in game configuration options
    - Miscellaneous bug fixes

    PSA: If you experience a crash, then you might need to delete any older config files and files inside the psconfigs folder!

    5/15/17 3.4 Updated to be compatible with SMAPI 1.12 and Stardew Valley1.2.26+ by Pathoschild (THANK YOU!)
    10/03 3.1 Updated mod for use with Stardew Valley 1.1 and SMAPI and adds new Favorites features and in-game options to the menu + misc. bug fixes. Full release notes can be found here.
    6/11 2.1 Added two new shoe options (Haley style and Penny style) and new media for the OP
    5/25 2.0 Added base-changer features, changed dresser style, added keybind to open menu. Full release notes can be found here.
    4/23 1.3 Redesigned from the ground up to correct most, if not all issues. Dresser should now load under all circumstances and will also properly appear on the day a house is upgraded.
    4/20 1.2 Added an option in the Config file to move the dresser a few tiles to the left if you are using another mod that places a stove in the same corner the dresser was meant to go
    4/19 1.1 Added a fix that moves the dresser if you have the first house upgrade and are married
    4/19 1.0 Initial Release
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      thank you now i can ignore that wizard
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      • Nivea

        Nivea Starship Captain

        Thank you, I made outfits for my character for all the seasons (including hair options) and having to make friends with the wizard before summer was driving me crazy. Now my girl can put on her jacket for winter in peace.
        • Superior_s

          Superior_s Sandwich Man

          Are we able to insert our own accessories with this?
          • Jinxiewinxie

            Jinxiewinxie Farmer Fashionista

            Yep! I sort of explained how to do that in the main post, but here's a breakdown:

            So the mod uses the accessories.xnb file that is in the AppData\Roaming\StardewValley\Mods\GetDressed folder. You just want to take that file, extract the contents and then make your accessory changes. Afterwards, re-pack the files into an .xnb and put it back into the AppData\Roaming\StardewValley\Mods\GetDressed folder.

            If you are expanding the accessory image to ADD NEW accessories, you'll also want to update the config file found in that same folder to show the total number of new accessories you added so that they show up in game.

            If you're just replacing the extra accessories that are in that image, you don't have to worry about updating the config file.
            • taintedwheat

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              make me accessories josh!

              hey jinx, would people be able to add more shirts into the game and stuff easily with this too? I'm guessing it would be difficult to try and make it easy for the player to choose between skirts, pants or shorts or changing the bathroom wardrobe stuff ingame using your little set up u.u
              • Jinxiewinxie

                Jinxiewinxie Farmer Fashionista

                Shirts can be done easily (there's a few mods that add shirts, you can find 'em here on the forums). You basically just unpack the .xnb, extend the image and add in your new shirts, then repack it and you're set. This didn't work for accessories because the game had a hard coded limit of 20, which I override with this mod.

                I am really wanting to make a mod that makes it easy to switch between skirt types or pants or shorts in game, but so far nobody seems to have a way to make this happen because of the way the farmer is rendered. I'm still trying to find a solution, despite people telling me it can't happen.

                Multiple people told me more accessories couldn't happen either, so.. =P
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                • taintedwheat

                  taintedwheat Master Astronaut

                  hmm... rendering meaning how it loads up right? You would think it would use the same mechanics as this by adding additional accessories and making it overlay and work with the vanilla version...

                  would it be possible to mod by doing this: if somehow all the sprites that have the different clothes and such be incorporated by extending the farmer sprite sheet by modding it in smapi and then using your menu to add the options to change bathers and bottoms?
                  • Jinxiewinxie

                    Jinxiewinxie Farmer Fashionista

                    I'm still trying to find a good solution. There's a couple mods that use new images for things, like the machines mod and the more crops mod. The person who made it possible to have the mod point to an index in a tilesheet is probably onto something. Like, maybe I could extend the farmer_base png and then index each of the different types and then have the mod point to whichever index you wanted. I messaged the guy who did that indexing thing for those mods but he ignored me.
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                      Wot? why so few pink options?????
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                        I already befriended the Wizard, but it's annoying to run over there just to change appearance. And pay 500 gold.
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                          whaaaat?! that person is straight trippin. you're way to cool to ignore D:
                          • Jinxiewinxie

                            Jinxiewinxie Farmer Fashionista

                            Sarcastic much? I could stand to add a few more pinkish ones.. =P
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                            • Avarwen

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                              Awesome job on this mod how I feel about it:
                              • mrobake

                                mrobake Zero Gravity Genie

                                Wait, hold up the phone.

                                I saw two gender symbol on the gif. Does it mean I also can change my crude and beardy male farmer into a perfect sweet girl?
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                                • Jinxiewinxie

                                  Jinxiewinxie Farmer Fashionista

                                  Yes'm ^_^
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                                    This is a definite sayonara asta la vista cai cien good bye to the wizard.
                                    • Jinxiewinxie

                                      Jinxiewinxie Farmer Fashionista

                                      Plus you'll save on the 500 monies he wants to charge =P
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                                        Why do you even have a credits section.

                                        Jinxie jinxie = new Jinxie();
                                        if (!jinxie.isSilly)
                                        worldHasEnded = true;

                                        Oh, and you lied about mod authors. I didn't make it, I just told her how to not do it wrong.
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                                          Nice! Even though I can't use it, because I already have a mod, that places a stove in this corner...

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