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Discussion in 'Gameplay Mechanics' started by Alphablackwolf, Oct 8, 2016.

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    There's a config option to let you keep the recipes already. That wasn't the issue in the post I was quoting.

    The person to whom I responded wanted ALL the perks and benefits of 10 levels in a skill retained. He explicitly called out the larger fishing meter and better crops from higher levels of farming as examples. THAT is why I suggested to him the AllPerks mod. Because if there are no penalties for getting perk points, there's really no point in getting this mod. That's kinda the core mechanic.
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      Hi, this is a really neat idea for a mod! I'm just curious if anyone knows how it interacts with the 'Master of the Five Ways' achievement? Should I wait to get all my skills to 10 before prestiging any of them, or will the game 'remember' that the skills have previously been at 10 and give me the achievement anyway, even if one/some of the skill(s) have been prestiged and aren't at 10 anymore?
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        Hi, I love the idea for this mod, and had actually been thinking about creating a mod myself that does something like this. If you've already done it, though, I don't see any sense in having two mods that do basically the same thing.

        But I did have a number of ideas for additional perks for spending prestige points, I'd put a lot of thought into. I'd like to hand those ideas off to you to use in this mod if you wish.

        Bountiful harvests - Increase crop yield by 10% (can be taken up to 5 times)
        This would increase all crop harvest yields by 10% per level, making even crops that normally only yield one per harvest have a chance for multiple-crop yields.

        Fast Aging - Reduce aging time by 10% (can be taken up to 5 times)
        Pretty obvious, this would reduce the time it takes for products to age in casks.

        Advanced Tiller - Additional 10% per level (4 max) to Tiller perk

        Advanced Agriculturist - Additional 10% per level (4 max) to Agriculturist perk

        Explosives Expert: -20% damage taken by explosives (can be taken up to 5 times)

        Crystal Farmer - Reduce Crystalarium process time by 10% (can be taken up to 5 times)

        Advanced Miner - Additional +1 per level (4 max) to Miner perk

        Advanced Geologist. +11% per level (4 max) to Geologist perk

        Coalmaker: Charcoal Kiln uses 1 less wood (can be taken up to 5 times)

        Scavenger: Additional 20% effect (HP and energy) from eating forages and foraged berries (can be taken up to 5 times)

        Advanced Forester - Additional 11% per level (4 max) to Forester perk

        Advanced Gatherer - Additional 20% per level (4 max) to Gatherer perk

        Tacklemaster: +20% chance your tackle will not lose durability on use (can be taken up to 5 times)

        Hooked Cast: Automatic effect of Barbed Hook (no longer need to use the tackle)
        Trapping Cast: Automatic effect of Trap Bobber (no longer need to use the tackle)
        Corked Cast: Automatic effect of Cork Bobber (no longer need to use the tackle)
        Spinning Cast: Automatic effect of Dressed Spinner (no longer need to use the tackle)
        Baited Cast: Automatic effect of Bait (no longer need to use bait)
        (Note: These effects should not stack with also using the tackle/bait.)

        Advanced Angler - additional 10% per level (5 max) to Angler perk

        Advanced Pirate - x 3/x4/x5 chance to find treasure

        Regenerator: +20% health regained when eating (can be taken up to 5 times)

        Defender: +1 Defense, +1 Immunity (Can be taken up to 5 times)

        Advanced Brute: Damage is further increased by 5% (can be taken up to 5 times)

        Advanced Scout: Critical strike chance further increased by 50% (can be taken up to 3 times)

        Since you've already put the work in and created the mod, I'll scrap my work in progress and hand these ideas over to you to use or not as you wish. Enjoy.
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          We haven't heard from the mod author in a while so if you have the know-how to make a prestige mod or continue this one, might be worth considering
          You'll probably have some trouble making all those extra perks work
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            First off, love this mod. It is the closest I've come to 'earning' all of the skill perk choices, and I don't mind doing some grinding for it at all. The listed improvements in 2.0 also sound great, but I see I'm not alone in my personal preferences:

            That said, the suggestion right after of simply tracking XP past the 'max' level also sounds viable. Maxing a skill takes 15K experience points, maybe include a checkbox option to allow skill prestige to simply 'remove' that much XP instead, allowing anyone with 30K experience to retain level 10. (And maybe putting an indicator in the prestige menu to let us know how close we are to said goal, maybe.) No idea if making something like that 'optional' is even possible, but it would be a nice touch for us who don't like losing progress, but enjoy putting effort into earning extra bonuses. Heck, maybe even make an option to have us earn an additional 5K (or some settable amount) additional experience points for each additional point, stacking higher and higher each time. Not nearly as frustrating an idea if we're keeping our level 10 bonuses.

            That said, I do love your mod, and prefer it to just auto-magically getting ALL of the level bonuses.

            Unrelated to that, it won't let me prestige luck or cooking, both of which seam to be working fine otherwise. Not sure what's up with that, but didn't read all of this thread to see if that problem has been brought up before and solved. I read something about mod load order, but renaming the folder the mod was in to show up first in my list didn't solve those skills missing their buttons. If the cooking mod isn't updated for 1.1 still, it sure seams to work fine regardless, so I doubt that's it. *shrug.* The 'data' file even mentions the luck and cooking skills, so the lack of buttons to prestige them is kinda annoying. I'll look through the thread some more once I've gotten off work tomorrow I guess, I kinda need sleep now.
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              I always had that nagging feeling that this mod misses something, reverting to level 0 is pretty painful. This is laid back game and not a competition. "No sacrifice mode" seemed like pretty nice suggestion that scratches my itch so I went ahead and implemented it here. Just download the .dll file and replace the one that came packaged with the original mod.

              I only tested it with vanilla skills, I don't use either cooking or luck. Also, there is no progressive cost, just 15k exp per 1 PP. It's more faithful to original and more importantly, I don't think the mod currently tracks how many prestige points you spent on skills. With settable cost there is no reliable way to reconstruct this information from skills you have.

              Now how do I spend that 7 PP I had accumulated on my farming skill...

              Also, in case it isn't clear - anyone has a permission to do whatever they want with my tiny contribution, source code is available at the same location.
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                So I'm sorry for the incredibly long delay and lack of updates from me. Literally nothing in my life is the same as it was back in October of last year. Personal, professional, computer, and health issues kept me from getting back on here, prettymuch one after the other. (Side note: Breath of the Wild did *NOT* help that effort ;p ) I plan to review the pull requests people have added and all of the comments and issues posted since I was last active. I plan to be caught up by this weekend, at which point I will begin figuring out how the new SMAPI works, how the pull requests function, and how to update my code, and more updates will come from me then. Thanks everyone for sticking it out so long!
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                  So, I lied. I started working on this today, instead. Took less than I thought to review and incorporate Pathoschild's edits. Thank you so much for that! I completed the work on my local for the main mod, I'm going to tackle the cooking skill mod shortly. Then the main delay will be the half-finished code I had put in for the next major version - it's largely untested and I need to fix my branching so I can gut that before attempting to release it again.
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                    Great news! You have at least one excited farmer. :)
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                      Okay, so the main mod and the cooking skill adapter have been updated (on my local) to work with the latest SMAPI version. The next steps are to update all my mods (there's a lot) so that I can actually run SDV in the first place, then to test these changes and fix my code/gut sections of my code that aren't ready for prime time.

                      After that is done, I will begin working on the major upgrades to the mod again, but I need to review the changes that have been made to SMAPI and SDV since I last worked on them. I'm hoping SMAPI has more hooks into SDV, because before I left I was writing (coding gibberish to follow) some insane code to dynamically take compiled method bodies and replace them with another compiled method body that I had created and compiled with the same signature. If I still have to do that it will be rather intense and involve quite a lot of testing and rework, not to mention it will be incredibly fragile code. Barring that, maybe I can work it into another modding API like Storm if that's still being developed. I don't have experience working with MSIL injection tools myself, so that might cause significant delays too.

                      TL;DR: fixes coming soon, new features timing depends on SMAPI's robustness.
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                        Okay, latest code pushed to GitHub for both the main mod and the cooking skill adapter. I have to correct some branching setup and then I'm going to release, although I didn't get a chance to test this as much as I'd like, the current version is definitely more broken, so I'll be doing a release this weekend for sure.
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                          It's OUT! took me longer than I expected, some issues came up in testing - I didn't realize a return to title menu had been implemented. A *lot* of bugs have been fixed, and a few new features/goodies. I've just finished replying to everyone on the nexus posts, I'm going to go through the posts I missed on here and reply as appropriate.

                          Update on version 2.0:
                          My code to hijack SDV code was successful, so in theory there's almost no limit to what I can do now. I have several farming bonuses complete, once I've got that done I need to deal with the nitty-gritty display issues in menus, specifically I need to add pages and arrows to navigate through them (ick). That's the single most time consuming problem I'll have (the testing is usually a nightmare for display, (Run the app, load my test save, bring up the prestige menu - crash. go investigate logs, spend 3 hours figuring it out, spend 1 hour fixing it. repeat until you vomit, come back tomorrow.)

                          Anyway, the good stuff:
                          So far I have tool proficiency improvement perks done for all skills/tools. So those tool proficiencies will be perks you can purchase later.
                          I also completed a hijack of the crop harvest method, for a 'better crops' bonus. this gives a 10% chance per level to improve the quality by 1. At the final level a bump in quality is guaranteed, so you'll never get a crop below silver.
                          My next task will be to complete an 'efficient animals' - chance of double harvest from animals, and then I'm still debating the details, but a 'regrowth opportunity' which I'm currently thinking will have a chance to give you seeds when you harvest a crop.

                          I've got plenty planned after farming is done, but that's my current focus. Enjoy everyone!
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                          • Coolwyngs

                            Coolwyngs Existential Complex

                            Wow how cool thank you for your hard work.
                            • Alphablackwolf

                              Alphablackwolf Void-Bound Voyager

                              Well, to everyone's 2.0 progress questions, I covered that in my last post. Other replies:

                              Unfortunately at this time that would be a massive overhaul for how the prestige system works. I like the idea and I may get the chance to go back and do this, but it would take a significant amount of work to fit in. This idea does seem to have a lot of traction, though. Maybe I can squeeze it in around the v2.0 code?

                              Two bugs here, 1 is the leftover effects of sleep. In my original version I had protected against that, SDV 1.1 came out, and that protection was lost. it's back in place again.

                              The other bug is the cooking skills removing all recipes. So the reason for this is a bit interesting, the game stores all recipes with a tag on what skill you gain the recipe from. I have to check that section to see if it contains the skill name, so the game would have "something/somethingelse/.../Farming 2/." I would look for that 4th segment starting with the skill name. Well, I was asking the SDV code to give me the skill name. Turns out, when it doesn't have a skill name (e.g. cooking), it returns blank. Guess what? All the recipes contain blank. So that's been fixed now, too.

                              currently I haven't looked into how to hook into the achievement system, so the achievement will only happen when you have all 5 skills at 10, not counting any prestiges.

                              @Shade_81, I'll take some of those options under advisment for v2.0, thanks!

                              Thank you very much!
                              • Coolwyngs

                                Coolwyngs Existential Complex

                                How do you add the luck mod to your mod you said that they work together. Will you please tell me how to do that.
                                • Alphablackwolf

                                  Alphablackwolf Void-Bound Voyager

                                  The luck skill is easy to interact with, as it is already in the SDV code, just not implemented. The luck skill mod only implements some perks and adds a bit to it. The cooking skill is much harder to interact with, really.

                                  My code is available on my github here: and the luck skill is also available on github, but you will have to look that up on the luck skill mod's page.
                                  • Rosewell8

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                                    I'm a big fan of a "No sacrifice mode" like huancz made, will this be implemented any time soon, if at all?
                                    • Federama

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                                      Awesome!! its finally here.. I see the mod have more options now, the amount of points per Prestige is nice to have, but what is the other option? The experience multipler? A big thanks Alpha for your work with the mod..
                                      • Alphablackwolf

                                        Alphablackwolf Void-Bound Voyager

                                        Well, a bit earlier I said it would take an overhaul, but it kept me up last night and I thought of a way to implement it with my current system that wouldn't take a complete overhaul. It won't be exactly the way it was described earlier in this thread, but similarly enough I think it will suit people's wants.

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