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  1. Mana-chan

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    ✨ With the beginning of the halloween/samhain season of the year,
    I’m proud to present you the witchy decorations mod !



    You can place 24 different kinds of flowers, herbs, shrooms and crystals on your farm or whereever you like! Nearly all of them are very odd, colourful and fantasy themed.
    They’re partly glowing and try their best to create a magical vibe around you. All of them are decorative items only, so you can’t do much with them. But who cares if you have an aesthetic farm, right? ☆

    My project turned into a collab with Saambell!
    Please visit her and give her some love. ♡​

    It is compatible with Eemies placeable flowers and all your lovely craftables and scarecrow mods out there. We didn’t use their slots, so you just have to merge all the files together.​


    This mod requires SMAPI and CJB’s Item Spawner, because you can’t just go and buy them somewhere.
    (Even our lovely Wizard won’t get them for you, I’m sorry.)​


    Since you guys here probably enjoy the seasonal world of Stardew Valley as much as we do, Saambell and I also made a winter version! Obviously, you also need SeasonalImmersion for it. ❤
    Further installation instructions and a how-to-actually-use-this-mod are on the linked Nexus page!​

    Feel free to message me if you encounter any problems!​
    • Flumme

      Flumme Subatomic Cosmonaut

      Would it be possible to make a "Custom Furniture" mod from this great mod? Like the Bonsai Trees?

      Thanks and Greetings :)
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      • devilsandswords

        devilsandswords Void-Bound Voyager

        I love these! I really wanted more flowery items for my farm and the mushrooms will make great decor for my cave!
        I'd really like to keep the things they overwrite however, so if it's okay with you please can i make them compatible with Platonymous' Custom Farming mod? It's essentially the same as their Custom Furniture mod, but makes it possible to craft the items!
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