So. Surnames?

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    From one of Marnies dialogue lines, Where she refers to Shane staying at her ranch for the past few months, Shane is definitely her Nephew. Unfortunately, that doesn't clear up if Marnie and Shane would have the same surname at all.
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      The Wiki lists Marnie, Shane, and Jas as Aunt/Nephew/Niece, with Shane and Jas as cousins of each other. So while there's at least a family connection altogether, no, it doesn't clear up their surname situation. It comes down to who Marnie's siblings were, but that is (as far as I'm aware) completely unknown.
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        How about KAUFMAN German, Jewish
        Means "merchant" in German.
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          So I figuered I'd share the names I use just by personalities to me.

          1. Demetrius, Robin and Maru Haus
          2. Sebastian Kingsly*
          3. Harvey Vanderbuilt
          4. Pierre, Caroline, and Abigail Woodrow
          5. Haley and Emily Purtrow
          6. Marnie Vanhousin
          7. Linus Geoff
          8. Kent,Sam, Jodi,and Vincent Warren
          9. Jas Hillshire***
          10. Pam and Penny Mcgregor
          11. Shane Dukeman**
          12. Leah Springhouse
          13. Clint Helsing
          14. Elliott O'maly
          15. Willy Seadrome
          16. Gunther Hewllet
          17. George and Evelyn Mulner
          18. Alex Maxium
          19. Gus Bo,Fause
          20. Marlowe Kuffman
          21. Marlon Hightop
          22. Sandy Kindheart
          23. Gil Ber'Dala

          * Like said he was from the first marriage with Robin.

          ** Nephew to Marlon

          *** Niece to Marlon and Cousin to Shane.

          Pretty much thats the names I picked kinda odd but they fix to a degree. Want to thank landwalker for the previous post with the name list made it easier to remeber all the names. So +10 rep to ya :D
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            Since Haley and her sister both like fashion (and her sister makes her own clothing) they could be called Schneider
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              As for the Wizard Rasmodeus, I came around to the idea that the M. is a title indicating his rank as a wizard: Magister.

              (Rasmodeus is probably the name he took when becoming a wizard as well. His real name's probably something deeply unassuming. Frank Green, or something.)
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                TBH, I would have thought Alex would end up adopting his mother's surname
                after everything his father did.
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                  I don't really think that looks like her, but maybe with a ginger dye job...
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                    Just to throw this in here... Sandy isn't her real name. She says in one conversation that she just uses it because it sounds professional.
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                      hey you mind if I use that headcanon because ??? thats actually a really good headcanon i like the ring to it.
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                        I know I didn’t put a last name for my character because at first I didn’t know if it was one of those games where it would mention both first and last names in a dialogue situation, so I didn’t bother with it. But long story short, I married Shane, and I noticed just the other day that I have a second name below my first: “Granger”; and I know I didn’t pick a last name.

                        I don’t know if this thread is still active, but I am very much confused and curious to know others’ surnames!!!!
                        • UnexpectedParole

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                          I suspect that is your title and it changes over time
                          From the wiki.

                          Skill-Based Title
                          Based on your total Skill level you get a certain Title under your name in the Skills tab of the Player Menu. Your level and title are also visible when hovering over your picture on the Inventory Tab of the Player Menu.

                          The level is calculated as follows: (farmingLevel + fishingLevel + foragingLevel + combatLevel + miningLevel + luckLevel) / 2

                          If the resulting number ends in 0.5, the decimal value is truncated, and only the integer portion is considered.
                          Here are the possible Titles:

                          • level >= 30: Farm King
                          • level > 28: Cropmaster
                          • level > 26: Agriculturist
                          • level > 24: Farmer
                          • level > 22: Rancher
                          • level > 20: Planter
                          • level > 18: Granger
                          • level > 16: Farmgirl/Farmboy
                          • level > 14: Sodbuster
                          • level > 12: Smallholder
                          • level > 10: Tiller
                          • level > 8: Farmhand
                          • level > 6: Cowpoke
                          • level > 4: Bumpkin
                          • level > 2: Greenhorn
                          • level <= 2: Newcomer
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                            I came on here for literally ^ this information. Thanks! :D
                            • imaginarytowns

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                              I have way too much time on my hands. The ones I came up with were:

                              • Marnie Hoffman (no particular reason, it just Fits her. i like it)
                              • Shane Ivanov (a common Russian name, known historically as a peasant's* or farmer's** name.)
                              • Jas(mine) Flores (meaning "flowers", an oxymoron. unsure if Shane has in fact adopted Jas or some other custody situation has taken place.)
                              • Emily and Haley Belman (meaning "beautiful" - Clint's crush on Emily & Haley's preppy attitude ig)
                              • Clint Ferrero (literally just his profession)
                              • Pierre, Caroline, and Abigail Cohen (they are so far the only house that has an entire room dedicated to Yoba)
                              • Robin is confirmed to be Maru's mother, as Maru repeatedly refers to her as her mother and Sebastian as her half-brother, so knowing that... I went with Maru, Robin, and Demetrius Lee (typically meaning a forest clearing) & Sebastian Nguyen (meaning "musical instrument" in reference to his synth skills. i personally hc Sebastian as Vietnamese)
                              • Jodi and Kent Kearney, Vincent and Sam Kearney (Irish surname meaning "warlike" or "victorious")
                              • Dr. Harvey Cox (derived from "cock" - for rooster, a flightless bird)
                              • Pam and Penny Young (i read a really interesting article about how the surname "Young" was used to differentiate between two generations in a family - usually a father and son, but...)
                              • Linus Morales (derived from the Spanish "mora" which means "mulberry", reminds me of the blackberry basket mission)
                              • Gus(tavo?) D'Agostino (D'Agostino is in reference to the month of August, which also nods to his birthday being the 8th of summer.)
                              • Willy Seymour (i did not like "fish" or "fisher" as a surname, way too obvious and also made me think of albert fish for some reason.)
                              • Elliott Wells (almost a reference to his place of residence, also as in inkwells for his writing passions.)
                              • Leah Carver (kind of on the nose but i think it suits her.)
                              I like to think Lewis is in fact, the Mayor's surname, but I can't figure out a first name and I think that's for the best.

                              *see JojaMart 9-5 worker
                              **see nephew of the Farmer in town
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                                I know I'm late the party here, but in recent interactions with the wizard it seems his first name is Magnus. This could be just from the SVE mod I have installed though, which means someone else has gone through the same exercise as you and decided his first name would be Magnus.

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