So the big question with release...

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  1. Nephiral

    Nephiral Aquatic Astronaut

    When are we to expect Server Side Characters? That thing that makes multiplayer worth playing where everyone doesn't just come in with whatever they jacked from admin mode in single player?

    Been wanting to find a good large scale public server but you only have small whitelist only servers due to this feature that was mentioned in the old Beta FAQ ages ago but not yet implemented.
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  2. Hel

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    Moved to Starbound FAQ's. The social area is for everything that's not Starbound related.
  3. Nephiral

    Nephiral Aquatic Astronaut

    Fair enough, saw some other questions so was unsure. Thanks for the move <3

    Really am curious about this though as it's been on the table for so long and cant find anything other than posts from 2014 about it. It's kinda important lol
  4. StarScribe

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    Indeed, public multiplayer is impossible until this happens. Its the #1 feature I have been waiting for past 2 years before I would be willing to dig into this game and be finally able to enjoy online public multiplayer.

    Not to mention Chucklefish "did" say they would release this feature during BETA or upon 1.0 release. And after 1.0... there is no signs or word of it, how come?

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