So you can build Pam a house now...what about Linus

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kess Usagi, May 2, 2018.

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    Yeah, Linus mentions he's happy living in the tent (barring kids throwing rocks at it, anyway), but I too would like a better place for the tent than by Robin's place. Robin is uncomfortable with Linus living there (based on a conversation) and I think he'd be better suited to living in the Cindersap forest, I think Leah would be far more accepting of Linus and since it's implied Linus and the Wizard know each other it'd be easier for Linus and the wizard to chat and listen to the wizard's jokes! (Oh wait...that's Erasmus from QFG1...well, maybe they are related?)
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      You can get the trash cleaned up by talking to the trash bear. Look it up in the Stardew Wiki
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        @kaelidaely Please note the date. Necro-posts are only allowed if you remain on topic and the topic is still relevant. Going to lock this.
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