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    Let me explain what I mean with "minor defense" Suggestion/idea. Having a guard can be expensive or simply not fit in your peaceful settlement, and turrets are just incredibly out of place, some creatures cannot be stopped physically now, they climb over walls no matter how tall or complex they are, they kill your villagers without much effort despite their lameness as a creature, these are my suggestions to prevent this:

    - Villagers have weak weapons (weak as compared to the place they live in) to protect themselves minimally, like knives for hylotls, guns for Novakids, etc.

    - Villagers run to their designated homes and SHUT THE DOOR, Instead of just letting the monster wobble in.

    - Something that you can use for defense like what you find in caves or prisons, barbed wire, teslas and whatnot, when placed by the player it should affect mobs, so you have more varied and pretty and visually adequate ways to defend your home.

    - I shouldn't need a guard constantly nor should I need turrets cluttering the settlement I'm trying create.

    - Sidenote: Instead of having a deed assigned to a space, you have a deed assigned to the bed in that space, so it doesn't take up space on the wall and they actually use their bed, especially when formatting the house like a building, they tend to exchange beds (dirty!)

    - Second side note: Guard AI should be encouraged to go outside of their house! Patrolling often!
    Suggestions are welcome!

    And am I putting this in the right place? View attachment 140436
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    Upvoting this. Not sure how else to show support
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    YES, PLEASE!!!...

    Also, it will be good a way to reduce (or anule) the spawnrate of monsters in certain points... Like, i don't want random monsters to appear in the park, in the middle of my town.

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