Mob Solamanders

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    Nice. I like the idea, hmm...kind of reminds me of Dodongos (I think that's the name, if not, it's supposed to be the name of the fire breathing lizards on the Legend of Zelda games) a bit. I'm assuming the most reasonable way to battle these is to wait for it to use up it's solar energy? Hmm...seems like shields would be effective defense. considering the possibility of it blocking the flames. Overall seems like it could be a little challenging to kill.
    Anyhow, you get this from me: :up:
  2. Yep, they're called Dodongos. :)

    And yeah, fire-proof shields would be the best way to combat them. Especially if you battle at night.~
  3. centor111

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    And my parents told me water pistols won't work as real weapons :rofl:
  4. Maximum530

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    Must be a playable race:notworthy:

    i am not worthey of this awesomenes
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    They r mobs not races DERP
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    What are Scoria?
  7. Zeklo

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    A different post, I shouldn't be advertising, but since the title isn't scoria than I wil say, title is glunaught you can find the scoria in the mob spoiler.
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    Hey Dragonith, I think im just gonna go ahead and save myself some time, just gonna like all your topics without reading first, its clearly unnecessary to insure they contain quality ideas. =p
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    nice to see all your threads updated with the spritings
  11. Zeklo

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    Wow they're bigger than I expected. Nice work.
  12. Most of them anyway. :p

    The larger creatures will take a little more time, seeing as they're...well, large lol.
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    time and patience to apply here and untold riches will follow [​IMG]
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    I like your drawing style, we need more monsters from you in da game !
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    Now these guys would make a great mount/pet.:up:
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    OMG I would soooooooooooo want to ride one of those as a dragoknight while fighting of evil space thingies.....So epic.
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    love them. period
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    Looks amazing! Can't wait to battle one of these guys! :facepalm: :viking::yoda::fusrodah::sparta: CHAAAARGE!!!
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    Post restarter, (300th post)

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