Some animal variety suggestions - Void Animals, Horse variety & More

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by darkrown, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. darkrown

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    so I was thinking last night; the horse is really cool and helpful, but after you get it there's no other ways to expand on it, unlike the other animals (various barn/coop stages etc.) with that in mind, I thought it'd be cool if one of the future updates would introduce some more variey for horses; and other animals, like:




    Double right-clicking on this horse will open a chest inventory instead of mounting it. Useful for moving lots of items around at a time. Slows down if you add too many items (but will always be faster than moving on foot).

    How to obtain: Buy from Robin/Marnie (?) for cash



    Can be summoned in the mines/dungeon; also allows for weapon swinging while mounted. Passing through enemies while mounted deals damage and sets them on fire.

    How to obtain: Throw three Fire Opals in the Witch's Cauldron



    Rainbows! While riding the Unicorn, there's a chance you will spawn a random forage item in your wake.

    How to obtain: Bring a Prismatic Shard to the Sylvan Shrine (?) in the Secret Woods



    Part of a questline idea that will eventually allow you to cross the ocean towards an unidentified island (possible new dungeon?).

    How to obtain: Buy from Robin/Marnie (?) for cash


    Void Chickens are cool, but you know what'd be even cooler? MORE Void animals. Gives the Witch a chance to cast her spells on Barns or Bunny Coops as well, making one of your animals pregnant. The newborn will always be a Void Animal, and pregnant Animals in the same barn/coop as othe Void Animals have a chance to give birth to a Void Animal as well.



    Occasionally drops a Void Claw [​IMG] which sells for a lot. Hang around them for too long and they'll jump at you like slimes. Touchy.



    Will give Dark Milk [​IMG] instead of regular milk, which sells for more, and is made into Void Cheese [​IMG]. Occasionally also gives syrup/resin/tar alongside their milk. They sleep outside apart from winter and give off purple light in the dark.



    Occasionally drop Black Horns [​IMG] which can be powdered into Aging Powder [​IMG]. Sprinkling it on top of a piece of artisan equipment (keg, cheese press, mayonnaise etc.) will instantly finish the refining process.

    Void Goats can jump fences and love sampling your crops every now and then. Keep them closed inside the barn for too long, and they'll wind up aggressive when you get close.



    Will occasionally turn up 1-3 Iridium ore alongside the usual Truffles. They eat twice the amount of food normal pigs consume however, so stock up on hay.


    Last of all, do the fairies really only have enough magic to make one of your crops pop up? Couldn't they bless your animals too? This would add a much rarer alternative to the Void Animals, providing more gameplay depth and an alternative challenge.



    Will lay precious Fairy Eggs [​IMG] instead of regular ones, which can be made into Fairy Mayonnaise [​IMG]. Fae Chicken also have a small chance to lay two eggs instead of one (including the big ones), which increases as their happiness level goes up. The downside? They're extremely pretentious. Piss them off once and they'll reset their whole happiness meter.



    Gives Chocolate Milk [​IMG] instead of the regular, which can't be made into cheese but sells for more. Like the Fae Chickens, they have a small chance to give two pails instead of one (including the big ones), which increases as their happiness level goes up. Will also reset their happiness meter if you annoy them once.

    & more to come. The Animal system is shaping up to be really cool with v1.1 and I can only hope that CA will expand on it further :D
    • LuthienNightwolf

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      Ooh I love these ideas, particularly the fae animals!
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      • Mr.Mudkipss

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        These are really cool!! I really like the fairy animals and the new horses
        • Mr.Mudkipss

          Mr.Mudkipss Big Damn Hero

          Oh! Oh! What about a fae sheep? Instead of wool, its edible cotton candy?
          • Crucifigo

            Crucifigo Title Not Found

            i want all of these so bad

            fairy and void counterparts for all the animals would be amazing, and it'd make sense too. i imagine the witch and the fairy having some kind of rivalry and they take it out over your farm and the aftermath screws with your animals
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            • LuthienNightwolf

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              ^ This would be amazing. Pass me the popcorn. lol
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              • DaimoMac

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                I like the idea, maybe further expand on the Chocolate Milk and make Chocolate Icecream to sell? Also what would be the best way to keep the Void Animals corralled? Double the fence?
                • LuthienNightwolf

                  LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

                  Iridium fencing. >u> Would give us something to do with all that spare iridium we have after our tools are all upgraded.
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                  • zyrick2690

                    zyrick2690 Void-Bound Voyager

                    do you have xnb versions of these I want them omg!! :O
                    • DaimoMac

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                      Iridium fencing. No Degradation, keep animals penned and happy.
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                      • Caudyr

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                        The only part of this I don't like is how "annoying them once" resets the WHOLE meter. Maybe make it take a bigger hit than usual, but resetting the whole meter seems like overkill, imo...

                        That said, where's my Fae Ducks, Fae Bunnies, Fae Sheep, Fae Goats, Fae Pigs, Fae Dinosaurs?!

                        Make it so if you get one of each of the can combine their drops (either a refined version of the drop, or the base drop...and the rare ones in the case of things like ducks and bunnies...into an item (one item per building type, so there would be 2 "Fae" items, one from the barn animals, one from the coop animals...then you would do the same with the Void ones.

                        After you get the 4 items, they can be combined into one item...which when placed in your cellar/basement (or used in there), it increases the speed of everything in the cellar by...say...10-20%. This % would degrade, so you could never get it to "instant", but the % would be 10-20% of the NEW value, instead of just a "base" 10-20%.

                        Basically, it would be something like this, for example:

                        Empty Fairy Talisman: Large Fairy Mayonnaise (from Fae Chickens), Rainbow Feather (Fae Ducks), Rainbow Rabbit's Foot, Rainbow Claw (the 'rare' drop from Dinosaurs)

                        Fairy Gem: Fairy Cheese Wheel (made from processing a Large Fairy Milk), Rainbow Horns (rare drop from Goats, have it be processed into something), Fairy Cloth (made from Fairy Wool in the loom...can also technically be gotten from Fairy Rabbits), and a Rainbow Truffle (which is a rare drop gotten from a Fairy Pig).

                        Void Staff Top: Large Void Mayonnaise (Void Chickens), Dark Feather (Void Ducks), Dark Rabbit's Foot (Void Rabbits), Dark Claw (Void Dinos)

                        Void Staff Base: Void Cheese Wheel (Large Void Milk), Black Horns (Void Goat), Void Cloth (made from Void Wool), Void Truffle (an additional rare drop that the Void Pigs can pick up, like the Fairy Pigs).

                        Finally, you combine the Void Staff Base, Void Staff Top, Fairy Gem, and Empty Fairy Talisman together to make the "Prismatic Staff" or something like that...which would either be an item you placed in the room to increase the room's production speed (Aging, machines, etc.) by 10%, without working outside..........or you use it to "cast a spell on the room" to increase it by 10% permanently. The former is probably easier to do and keep track of, heh.

                        It would give people some real incentive to go after the animals aside from just wanting to do an animal run, and it would give something else for people to aim for as an "end game thing" and stuff like that. ^^

                        Would also give us a way to accelerate the speed of the aging in the cellar. Heck, maybe add special spots in the cellar where you can only place these staves at, to limit the number you can put there...maybe 2 "alcoves" on each wall where you can ONLY put a staff there. Since the staves wouldn't be a flat 10%, but an "additive" would work.

                        To explain what I mean there, say something takes "100 seconds" to do...the 1st staff would reduce that to 90 seconds, the 2nd staff would reduce the time to 81 seconds, the 3rd to 73 seconds, 4th to 66 seconds, 5th to 59 seconds, 6th to 53 seconds, 7th to 48 seconds, and the 8th would reduce it to 43 seconds. It could be said that the "final one being placed" could add a 5-10 second bonus reduction, as the "spell is complete" or something like that, but you get the idea.

                        ...........This ended up being more complicated than I thought, but I love the idea of I'm going to suggest it anyway!

                        LET IT BE DONE PLEASE CA! :rofl:
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                        • darkrown

                          darkrown Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                          thanks for the support, guys! looking to expand on this further :D
                          • Lilliput

                            Lilliput Supernova

                            *Stares, takes off glasses, and rubs eyes. Puts glasses back on and stares more.*

                            Just the fact that you put that much effort into all those little sprites and icons makes this amazing. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter/community organization. I will buy all of them.
                            • Minakie

                              Minakie Cosmic Narwhal

                              Oh. My. Gosh. Someone should make this happen.
                              I think the horse ideas are my favorites. It might be because I've been drooling over Zhuria's horses all day. Or maybe I'm just a sucker for horses. xD
                              I am so in love with the pack mule. I didn't realize I could use a donkey variant in my game until now. <3
                              • Cemo

                                Cemo Phantasmal Quasar

                                I think the hippocampus would be better as something you get from the Merpeople in a quest or something.

                                But I love the idea of Marnie selling you a pack mule or donkey!

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