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    Well, recently I created a server 24/7 to play with some friends and I had some mod ideas that can improve the multiplayer of the game and encourage the creation of new servers 24/7.

    Almost all mod ideas are based on the "capitalist split money" mod to create a 24/7 server.

    I do not know exactly if these mods are possible to make in the game, after all, I have no programming knowledge (if not myself I would).

    It's just some mods ideas, I'm not begging you to do it and I'm not paying you to do it for me. If you like some idea that I have listed here, feel free to use and do not need to give me credits (only if you want)

    First idea: Lock up chests. Create a mod that sets up permissions so that other players can not open your chest. How to configure permissions should be difficult, some alternatives: A key that locks the chest or then a chest with password

    Second idea: Automatic shops and coins (works with capitalist split money) Create a machine that players can stock their items and set a price for other players to buy. In addition coins, which players can generate by drawing from their balance. (When someone buys something in the machine, instead of going straight to the seller's wallet, he could generate those coins)

    Third idea: White List of mods. (Like the anti-cheat mod) Instead of blocking the mods that are in the list, allow only the mods that are in the list and all the others do not work.

    Fourth idea: Protected areas. A mod for the server administrator to block an area so no one can build / break / access chests on it.

    Fifth idea: Plots. It would be a mod that the administrator creates some terrain and uses some command so that no one can build. As soon as a new player enters the server, if he does not have any terrain, he can use some command to take that terrain to him or else the administrator could give the terrain using command.

    Sixth idea: Protected houses. Only the owners of your own home can build on it.

    Seventh idea: A huge farm to be able to share land for other players. Alternatives: - A normal farm but with several other duplicates. These farms would be separated, as if they were other places on the map. They can be accessed by some way or by using some command like / warp (name) or / farm (name)

    Eighth idea: A login system using chat command. To avoid character theft, it would be interesting to have a / register (password) and / login (password) command. While the character is not logged in, he would get stuck in place and if he does not log in quickly, he loses the server connection.

    Ninth idea: An administration system for the server. Command like / kick (player), / ban (player), etc. As soon as some command is executed, it could be announced in the chat for the players to see.

    Tenth idea: A launcher that opens only the server, not the game (That only loads the content of the game but not the graph, so that it is lighter to host) There is already a mod that as soon as it opens the game it already loads in the last save, in addition there is the mod "always on server" that combining the two + the launcher would be perfect.

    Thank you all for the attention and for those who use some of these mod ideas. I really believe that Stardew Valley has the potential to have a huge multiplayer and for that we need some mods like that. I only know how to create mods for the Unturned game, but I want to learn how to program and make mods for the Stardew Valley. I also have some experience creating servers for multiplayer games so once we have more mods, I'm sure I'll create a 24/7 public server.
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