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    Let me begin by saying that i FREAKING LOVE STARDEW VALLEY. Literally been playing it every day. But its getting to the point that the game is almost over for me really. And i had a few idea's that i wanted to share because who knows the creator may see this and implement it into the actual game. Wouldn't that be a dream come true huh, anyways here are some of the ideas i had about improving the game.

    1.Ability to actually talk with your husband/wife.
    I know you can talk to your marriage partner every day but i was thinking that the game could give you options on what to talk about (Much like they do in some of the cutscenes) each option would change depending on the day,month, year, or if it was a festival day or not. And each talk option would either make you gain or loose hearts with your significant other depending on their personality. For example Somebody like Hailey wouldn't want to talk about Motorcycles while Sebastian would. I know that was a bad example but you get my general point.

    2. MORE QUESTS! And More Peoples!
    I've stated this in other threads but i really like the idea of villagers actually aging and growing old/ having children or getting married. You as the player could decide on who hooks up with who. You could play the third party and FINALLY MAKE EMILY AND CLINT HOOK UP! because GOD I WANT THEM TO BE A COUPLE! The ability to make villagers get married could be done in a series of quests and only when you've achieved a certain heart number with both the people you want to hook up or who already like each other. For example Clint has a crush on Emily, he could give you a series of quests (much like he tries to do with the Amethyst) to get Emily to like him. Or you could give Emily gifts that you say are from Clint so she likes him more. Idk the details of this but helping villagers to fall in love would make the game more realistic. As well as having cutscenes for villagers getting married would be awesome as well. Some quests could be to find out villager back stories or help them with problems (which would also include cutscenes for realism). The rotation and aging of the villagers as the years go on make the game enjoyable past year 3 which is when the game basically ends pretty much. You could go up to year 50 and have an entirely different Stardew Valley than it was on year 3 with new people who have moved in, got married, or have had children.

    3. KIDS! And Birthdays!
    Oh my god please make it so your children actually grow up (along with you and the other villagers) And please make it so they can be like Vincent and Jas. After a certain number of years they wold grow form a toddler to a kid (Vincents age) and then to a teenager (to which they would move out of your farm either to the city or to stardew valley depending on how you raised them this is affected by the 1st suggestion i made your children opinions and views of you and the valley would change depending on what you talked to them about.) and eventually have them grow up and marry or have children of their own. However this would take along time (perhaps they can have the aging like actual human years, again making the game last longer than year 3 or 4 this would also stop the player from becoming a baby factory having children constantly and basically having the entire town be related to you. Would kinda suck xD ) Speaking of children i wanted to get on the topic of birthdays. Yes every villager has a birthday but WHAT ABOUT YOURS OR YOUR CHILDRENS BIRTHDAYS! At the beginning of the game you should be able to pick which month and day you want your birthday on. Also when you have children their birthday is the day they are born (no really i didn't know) Also the idea of cutscenes designed for birthday parties for the villagers would be exciting. If you have high hearts with the villager then he/she will send you an invitation to you in the mail, to which you could go to their house at a certain time (or where ever the birthday party is being held) and it would be like the festivals only smaller and with fewer people. The player would be required to bring the villager a birthday gift earning them a lot of heart points with said villager. I think its a good idea and again makes the game more fun and enjoyable.

    4. Community Centre and Joja mart
    Again i've talked about this before. But after you complete the community centre it should be used by the villagers, it could be turned into a school for Penny, Jas and Vincent (as well as other villager children or your own children) as well as a office for Lewis, the bulletin board should go back into use for daily quests and random posts by villagers (much like in animal crossing people post random things on the bulletin boards there) instead of by the store, it would make sense since you spent all that time and effort to complete the bundles you should be rewarded by more quest options and having the villagers ACTUALLY USE THE DAMM THING! And on the other hand, The Joja mart (after they get kicked out) should be turned into a market or Hock shop of sorts. Where Shane, Abigail, Sam, Hailey and anybody else can go to sell things for the player to buy. Would give them a job and would give you more options to buy exotic things that you normally wouldn't be able to get. It's a fun idea and a good use of space instead of having the old Joja Mart rot there for all eternity.

    Thats all the suggestions and ideas i have for now i may post more later, tell me what you guys think!
    • Obesius

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      1: We definitely need it, I'm on year 44 and I feel like I've experienced everything x.x

      2: George, Lewis and Evelyn will end up dying, also your pet... can everyone age without this happening x.x

      3: I was surprised this wasn't a thing when I first started.

      4: Like some villagers having a little shop going on Saturday and Wednesday, like half of the village on each day.
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        2. Perhaps they can age without them dying, i mean they will eventually die. But maybe not for a LONG time, it really depends if they age a year every year, plus (and ik this is kinda dark) it would expand the graveyard in the town after they do die. But again it most likely wont be for awhile, you won't be on year 5 and you wake up being like" Welp! their dead." No its most likely gonna be like year 20 and you'll get plenty of notification, because of their age they would have to go to the doctors more or become sick more often, heart attacks etc. It is a sad thing yes but the game is about living Life essentially, and living life also means dying in the end, it makes you cherish the characters and pets you have and the time you spend with them. Thats my view of it anyway, it makes more room for new people and quests to take place, Lewis will eventually have to pass Mayorship over which makes room for changes and new things to happen.

        "Life goes on" Is the saying I'm trying to get at really.
        • Obesius

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          If my dog dies I will rage quit xD he's one of the thing I care about (together with sorted chest' s)
          • Obesius

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            Spoil what? They don't die yet, were talking about adding the death in future
            • Worm007

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              oh sry, pheeeew
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                Animal death in these types of games are often more annoying than immersive. Its annoying having to sell chickens at 2 years because the drop dead or worse c Co ws dying at 3 years. Its especially worse for a game that has 3 randomized chickens. It means your perfect coop is disrupted and you do random breeding or buying to set it back up.

                Also people death maybe a bit much. If it gets added in alot of people will open a save and boom. Marlon is dead, linus is dead, lewis is dead, george is dead, evelyn dead, and wily and gus are dying in the hospital also dying. The kicker is that alot of these people have no successors.

                Alex would move back to the city. He was only here for his grandparents.

                No mayor means that no one drives produce to town which means that you no longer have income, marley no longer has income, wiley no longer has income, clint stops getting raw material and pierre stops getting stocked. Now you say you could become mayor well you have to quit your farm to do the job. It would be a conflict of interest for you to be the mayor do to your multiple teir farming would cause you to appear to be setting crop/mineral/fish prices in your favor. Also you would have to stop farming for each festival for both setup running and clean up.

                Linus dying would be minimal game impacting

                Marlon dying would shut down the adventure guild.
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                  What if people start being mysteriously murdered, and the longer it takes to figure out who is doing it, the more you lose? I'd put my money on Jas as the culprit, honestly. Mommy and Daddy died because Jas cut their brake-line when they wouldn't buy her a Gotoran-Girl Doll. On a more serious note, I would love to be able to go around and solve some mysteries for the townsfolk. "Find out who actually fathered the child I've been paying to raise and support. Reward: 100G"
                  • RedSoulHeart

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                    Now that you mention it the death mechanic would be a bit of a downer. What about new people visiting Stardew valley or moving in? Also the fact that you can have people actually visit your farm without it being a cutscene (or have your growing children r husband/wife walk around the farm and actually perform animations on the crops/animals. And i like the idea of a murderer, but its a risky idea. Because all the villagers you can have a strong connection two who would the killer be? who would the victims be? it would seem more like a stab in the back rather than a cool quest. Besides the point of the aging idea was to prolong the game from year 3 if people started dying on year 5 it would be less effective than if people slowly died over time on year 50 or 60 or something, i get now that its kinda depressive n i shouldn't have really touched on it, i just thought it would make the game more interesting. Maybe adding different kinds of animals or new animals you can unlock, new crops etc. But i still like my idea of your husband talking to you and you get to actually choose the topic of discussion for heart points, and the children growing up idea to Jas's age and then eventually to a teenager. If anybody is going to age i think it should be your children but then again it brings up some issues because if your kids are aging what about everybody else? You see what i mean it kinda counter productiveHowever the point i made about helping some of the villagers get together (LIKE CLINT AND EMILY >;c ) would help make it less awkward when your children age, because they would be getting married and having children (Penny can teach them all at the "school" in the Community centre because they would have more resources) and it would increase the population of stardew valley.

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